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8 Frequent Questions from Our Readers to Mahlkönig | European Coffee Trip

You asked questions and Christian Klatt from Mahlkönig answered them. Check them out! Article: http://europeancoffeetrip.com/8-questions-to-mahlkonig/ Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/EuropeanCoffee… Questions: #1 Question (Klaus Thomsen, Copenhagen) Why is there the 7 months waiting time for an EK43? [0:10] #2 Question (Krzysztof Barabosz, Opole) Are you planning to do something for home baristas? In the price range of 250-300 euro. [1:37] #3 Question (Damian Durda, Berlin) When will you release the barista model of EK43? [1:56] #4 Question (Friqle, Berlin) Why don't Mahlkönig offer factory tours? [2:54] #5 Question (Cem Bozkus, […]

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Making of Mahlkonig EK43 Grinder | Visiting Mahlkoenig Factory in Hamburg

Mahlkoenig EK43 grinder is one of the best coffee grinders in the world. http://europeancoffeetrip.com/seeing-mahlkoenig-production/ In February we headed to Hamburg to pay a visit to our dear sponsors Mahlkoenig. Nestled in the tranquil north-eastern outskirts of Hamburg, Hemro Group’s Mahlkoenig factory produces some of the best grinders on the market today. One of them is the legend EK43. We were pleased to join their team for two educative days and see the whole production! ARTICLE: http://europeancoffeetrip.com/seeing-mahlkoenig-production/ Music: Cadillac Loops: War Never Changes European Coffee Trip is an […]

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How To Make AEROPRESS Coffee – The Winning Recipe (WAC 2015)

How To Make AEROPRESS Coffee –The Winning AEROPRESS recipe made by World AEROPRESS Champion 2015, Lukas Zahradnik. Green Plantation | http://www.gpkava.sk/ The Winning recipe: http://europeancoffeetrip.com/how-to-make-aeropress-2015-champion/ Camera: Radek Nožička, Šimon Bednář Edit: Šimon Bednář About European Coffee Trip: European Coffee Trip is a project that wants to understand and explore the current state of the specialty coffee scene in Europe. Whilst traveling across Europe we will be taking pictures, shooting videos, and interviewing people in order to share our journey with as many of you as possible. You’ll […]

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