Speciality Coffee in a Museum? Cosmos Coffee Exhibition in Munich

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We visited the Cosmos Coffee exhibition at the Deutsches Museum in Munich. It is a must-visit attraction for any coffee lover visiting the city. Curator of the exhibition, Sara Marquart, walked us around showing her favourite exhibits. You can visit Cosmos Coffee in Munich until May 2020, then it will travel around the globe for 2 – 3 years.

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  • fa fim

    Is she a woman ?


    Wow she has deeper voice

  • sz160

    We still uses the 1450 coffee maker

  • Brian Birdy

    That was incredible !

    • European Coffee Trip

      Cheers, Brian! We hope everything is great in Dublin.

    • Brian Birdy

      European Coffee Trip Life is pretty fantastic this side of the pond ! Great to see guys still crushing it 🙌🏻
      Come visit the new roastery next time you’re in Dublin. A lot has changed since 2016 ☕️

  • Jonas Campos

    Fantastic video!

  • jonthecoffeeguy

    This place looks amazing! Thanks for showing us all around. Definitely want to go

  • Jim Davis

    So do you guys roast your own Coffee. I roast my coffee on a Fresh Roast FR 340. I Also have a Behmor 1600 Plus. I started roasting on a popcorn popper. Great vid as usual.

    • European Coffee Trip

      Thank you! We usually don’t roast but since we partner with IKAWA, we have their sample roaster in the office. Now we can roast and taste some samples we bring from the travels. We would like to learn more about roasting in the future but our knowledge is rather basic at the moment!:)

    • Jim Davis

      European Coffee Trip thanks Brother. I have been roasting for @ four years. I started out with a popcorn popper. Moved up to a Behmor 1600 Plus. But my Favorite Roaster is a Fresh Roast Fr340. Four ounces at a time but enough for Two people at four Roast. Ethiopian Coffee is our favorite. Great Vids I look forward to your Updates.

  • El Taller

    A cup coffee 👍☕⭐🇲🇽

  • discovery

    6:29 Raphael Braune one of the creators of the Comandante C40

    • European Coffee Trip

      That’s true! He is also co-founder of the Supremo Coffee – the main reason to travel to Munich this time was to film at the Comandante factory! You can expect a video from both Supremo and Comandante in the coming weeks.

    • discovery

      European Coffee Trip can’t wait to see that 🙂 I’m a huge fan of the Comandante

  • Laurie Alexandre

    J’adore le concept de café dans un musée, c’est super orignal ! Savez-vous s’il en existe en France ? Merci pour cette vidéo !