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2016 World Aeropress Championship | European Coffee Trip

This was the 2016 World Aeropress Championship! 1st place: Filip Kucharczyk of Cafe Targowa in Wrocław, Poland 2nd place: Jerome Dittmar, a journalist from Lyon, France. 3rd place: Hugo Sousa Rocco, Moka Clube in Curitiba, Brazil Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/EuropeanCoffeeTrip The winning recipe from the WAC2015: How To Make Aeropress As 2015 World Aeropress Champion [VIDEO] Find out more at: Home http://www.instagram.com/EuropeanCoffeeTrip http://www.facebook.com/EuropeanCoffeeTrip Tweets by EuroCoffeeTrip

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The Original AeroPress Recipe by Alan Adler | ECT Weekly #027

Have you ever tried the original AeroPress recipe created and tested by its inventor Alan Adler? We haven't until we started to work on our new documentary film about this iconic coffee maker. Curious to try? AEROPRESS MOVIE https://www.aeropressmovie.com https://www.facebook.com/aeropressmovie https://www.instagram.com/aeropressmovie We would like to thank our sponsors for their support! Victoria Arduino – http://www.victoriaarduino.com/ DRWakefield – http://drwakefield.com/ Moccamaster – http://www.moccamaster.eu/ Prana Chai – https://pranachai.eu/ Coffeedesk – https://www.coffeedesk.com/ European Coffee Trip is an online magazine dedicated to speciality coffee culture in Europe. Home https://www.instagram.com/EuropeanCoffeeTrip https://www.facebook.com/EuropeanCoffeeTrip Tweets by […]

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How To Make Aeropress Coffee – The Winning Recipe (WAC 2016)

AEROPRESS MOVIE: A Documentary film by European Coffee Trip revealing the story of an iconic coffee maker. https://www.aeropressmovie.com https://www.facebook.com/aeropressmovie https://www.instagram.com/aeropressmovie Filip Kucharczyk is a founder of Cafe Targowa, co-founder of Czarny Deszcz coffee roasters. He is a barista and trainer but the most importantly he is the 2016 World Aeropress Champion. We met him in a historical building of Hala Targowa in Wroclaw, Poland where he revealed his winning Aeropress recipe so you can try it at home! Full interview with Filip: http://europeancoffeetrip.com/winning-aeropress-recipe-2016-filip-kucharczyk Cafe Targowa https://www.facebook.com/cafetargowa/ Czarny […]

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