6 AeroPress Hacks We Learned From The Inventor

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Tips and trick to question your AeroPress brewing. We collected them when filming with the inventor of the AeroPress, Mr Alan Adler.

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  • wlmontag

    Outstanding presentation. You guys are awesome! πŸ˜€πŸ‘πŸ‘β˜•οΈ

  • Anindya Basu

    this was super helpful, thank you!

  • J K

    awesome, makes me want to experiment with my aeropress again πŸ‘β˜•οΈ

  • Alfons Schuhbeck

    making a stronger coffee and diluting it afterwards never tastes the same to me. way watery

    • maria I

      I have found this is one of the things that make an AP cup smoother tasting than other methods.

      What is your ratio?

      This happens to me if I don’t use enough coffee.I have to use more than usual or use less water.

  • Aldous Yelxuh

    I had no idea that you did the Aeropress Movie! Great work. I’m always skeptical when someone tells me how to use my Aeropress, but its hard to not listen to Alan’s insights on these things. πŸ˜‰

    • European Coffee Trip

      Yeah, we should do better jo in promoting the documentary. It was a fantastic journey, and we are looking forward to starting working on our next film.

  • airbmacndeehoc

    I rinse paper filters with water (partially to rinse away residual paper flavor but) mostly so that the absorbency is already fully saturated and, therefore, the filters will not absorb the initial part of the extraction.

    • Michael Smith

      airbmacndeehoc Oh because a very very thin sheet of filter is going to absorb so much liquid and I’m sure it’s a major timesaver

    • Druhue

      @airbmacndeehoc I dont see how wetting it causes the coffee to break the laws of physics and pass through the filter. It will just replace the water that’s already in the filter….any coffee bits that will get through, will get through. Any that are too large, will not. Simple as that–yall are overcomplicating things.

    • Rick

      @airbmacndeehoc The V60 or Chemex filters are huge in comparison to the aeropress. There is just not enough of the aeropress filter to make a difference.

    • Curtis Stewart

      @themightyapefish They don’t have trash cans where you stay???.

  • Adwin Adam

    Great, now i can serve up to 4 ppl.. Finally! Any recipies for 60grm coffee?

  • Saudi Jack

    Thank you very much for meeting the inventor. This video is very helpful.

  • CanYouHandlebar

    Great tips! Love the Aeropress and use it daily.

  • Alan Angel

    I like to imagine that Alan Adler secretly dislikes hipsters.

  • Buckles

    1:05 no. A microwave will give out a certain amount of energy in a certain amount of time. The time taken to heat the water to 80degC depends on the starting temperature of the water. Your water could be at 16degC in summer but only 5degC in winter, so would need more energy and therefore more time to reach the 80degC.

  • Ali Hamoudi

    It is dangerous to microwave water in glassware. If the glass is very uniform, the water will not have a nucleation point to be able to start boiling, so you’ll end up with super heated water that will almost immediately “explode” once you put something in the water that creates a nucleation point.

    • The Wallpaper Review Channel

      @Drew Miller II or maybe the Aeropress paper filter?

    • highnrising

      @Marc-Antoine Chabot The microwave racks are made out of metal and don’t cause any trouble.

    • brickwal92tt

      You’re right, by all means using a metal cup!

    • The Wallpaper Review Channel

      @brickwal92tt Did you know when u fill a metal cup up with water then place it in a microwave, the metal cup will not plasma arc! but actually creates a nucleation point for the water to boil? πŸ˜ƒ

      but the thing is…… WE DON’T USE BOILING WATER for AeroPress any waysπŸ˜‚πŸ˜Ž

    • 69mystress

      @Drew Miller II Right!

  • Evin Drews

    I have literally never tasted the paper flavor in a cup of coffee. Maybe if you just tasted the water, but any coffee brewed “1 : 15” or “1 : 16” is easily going to cover up the taste. Honestly people ought to be more concerned over water quality and brew temperature..

  • Kewpie Chiu

    love your enthusiasm!

  • Stev

    3:00 one word : plastic .

  • European Coffee Trip

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  • Best Sellers Buy

    Have a nice review. Boom thanks

  • draxil42

    Instead of 1 get a kettle with a temperature gauge!

  • Ugandan Knuckles

    you know, he could just have made the press heavy enough and thus it would automagically press.

  • julio aguilera

    Never just add water to a microwave