How to AeroPress Cold-Brew Coffee in Two Minutes

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100% Kona Coffee

We learned a new coffee brewing trick with the AeroPress. You can brew cold-brew coffee in only about two minutes by extending the stirring time to 60 seconds. Are you ready to try it?

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  • European Coffee Trip

    What do you think of the recipe? Let us know when you test it out.

    • Ega Trispantia

      Great tips dude! I used brazil coffee and brew fellowprismo since the information with fine grind size. It has clear notes, clean , rich, and bold as classic black coffee. I think this better😁

    • tuswanto adji saputro

      So what do you prefer? Cold brew or Japanese ice with aeropress

    • European Coffee Trip

      @Ega Trispantia perfect, thank you!

    • European Coffee Trip

      @tuswanto adji saputrowell, we still prefer Japanese ice coffee but this method gets surprisingly fairly similar result without a need for hot water.

    • tuswanto adji saputro

      @European Coffee Trip yes and i just try it now, i love it

  • dr. Ray Leonard Judijanto

    Thank you for making this video.. sure, I’m gonna try that! “Salam Kopi” from Indonesia.

  • copainJr

    Comandante clicks! Thank you very much for that.

  • Daniels

    Cold brew is so underestimated…. Really well brewed cold brew must be way way better than this method. But very interesting, I’ll reach for my local cafe to see if they could try it

    • European Coffee Trip

      Yeah, it can be true. This is not a perfect method and taste is in our opinion different that what you get in a more traditional setup.

    • Coffee with Bill

      I think traditional steeping at room temp to cold chill at 12 to 24 hours is the best but I am interested in giving this method a try. I feel it may leave the cold brew under developed in taste and smoothness though.

  • Sébastien Kardinal

    Whaou, very interesting! I’m a big fan of Cold Brew and Cold Drip, so I need to try this method right now!

    • European Coffee Trip

      Please try and let us know what you think!

    • Sébastien Kardinal

      @European Coffee Trip Whaou ! That’s impressive! I didn’t expect such a good result. We’re very close to a classic Cold Brew. With just a little less depth in taste. But this recipe is amazing.

    • European Coffee Trip

      @Sébastien Kardinal Amazing! Thanks for sharing your experience. All the credit goes to Alan Adler:)

    • Sy Husada

      And the far shorter time brewing process is more than enough to compensate for mere miniscule depth difference.

  • Max Simmons

    WHY WHY WHY!? I wish I knew this 2 weeks ago when I was in france with 42c!

  • dreamworm

    Wow, thanks for sharing this recipe! It’s always nice to try something new

  • Dave B

    I’m definitely going to try this. I’m a big cold brew person and have tried a good half dozen different ways of making it but never this. Even though you don’t like cold brew you did a great job on the video.

  • 王仕庭

    You’re using a paper filter for this recipe right?

    • European Coffee Trip

      Yes, a regular paper filter. I think you can use also metal filter but you may need to adjust the grind size. Not sure about that.

  • mactooby

    Like the recipe!!
    btw, did you change the grind size when try it with hot water?

    • European Coffee Trip

      Thank you! Actually, we didn’t – a tip from Alan was going little bit finer with cold water brewing, but it is mainly because of the long stirring time.

    • mactooby

      European Coffee Trip 👍🏻

  • European Coffee Trip

    Not subscribed? 👉 🙌

  • Oky Bagus

    Whoa, I’m excited to apply this cold brew technique. My question is, I use Latina N600 grinder, what grind size is suitable with this method?

    • Michal Novák

      Try to compare to the size in the video amd for best taste you have to test and see for yourself. If it is not according to your expectation, adjust and taste again. Try doing 3 batches, with slightly different grind, everything else has to be same. Taste and choose. You can then taste it again in several minutes and compare. Then just put all the rest in one glass and keep in fridge or drink right away but next time, you can improve on something else as temperature or filtration of water or stirring time +10 sec for example. The possibilities are endless

    • European Coffee Trip

      Hey Oky, we don’t know this grinder but go really fine for this recipe and Michal’s advice is excellent.

  • Wombat

    Just tried this method. Works pretty good! I too prefer hot brew but on a hot day, this quick and refreshing.

  • Ondřej Lipár

    Tested. Works. Thank you!

  • CanYouHandlebar

    This is really cool! Thanks for sharing the recipe and your results. I use the inverted method for Aeropress every day and will try it with the longer stir time and room temperature water. Cheers!

  • Sam Griffiths

    Maybe you haven’t found the right cold brew yet. I used to feel the same way until my most recent job at Kafi in London. Phenomenal cold brew coffee. Maybe I am wrong and this is your preference but I ask you to try first. Love the content. Can’t wait to try this recipe.

    • Coffee with Bill

      I think the bean(s) used and the roast, darker seems to be smoother and better for cold brew.

  • Coffee with Bill

    I’m a fan of traditional steeping of cold brew at room temp for 12 to 24 hours. The brew is so smooth. 2 minute cold brew seems like it would be under developed but I’m going to give this a try for sure!

  • Cloud Buster

    When you guys doin the hot one you said wait several hour, so how many hours do you guys preferred?

    Also with the normal water is works for me, thanks for the tip 🙂

    • Sy Husada

      No, you misunderstood him. When using hot water, he immediately pressed it onto ice cubes. He actually did three things: Alan:s recipe, hot on ice recipe, and regular cold brew. When he said about brewing for hours, it was about the regular cold brew.

  • NickMaddox0

    I’ll be using this on hiking/road trips and traveling forsure.

  • Cà Phê Tây Nguyên

    I also really like to drink filter coffee, I usually brew it before making it, I really like your way of making coffee