How To Make AEROPRESS Coffee – The Winning Recipe (WAC 2015)

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100% Kona Coffee

How To Make AEROPRESS Coffee –The Winning AEROPRESS recipe made by World AEROPRESS Champion 2015, Lukas Zahradnik. Green Plantation |

The Winning recipe:

Camera: Radek Nožička, Šimon Bednář
Edit: Šimon Bednář

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  • muhammad afham


  • Mauro

    i Mean that piece of Wood where He puts the Glass with coffe insieme At The end 🙂 ! so sorry for my English!

  • FlashGamer1Fable

    I’d end up drinking water if I try this. I leave the water til it’s boiling and soak it for 3 minutes before rotating.. and often it’s too watery

  • Will Heineman

    Why save the puck? Is there something else that people use the spent grinds for?

    • Trenton Mak

      lol Time to step up to the big leagues man!

      Yea, there’s way too many variables. What hand grinder are you using? I’ve got a Porlex set to 6 clicks from close. But I tried a 5 earlier today and it was too bitter.

      I’ve also tried this “long brew”. Inverted for 14 minutes. At 4 minutes in, you break the crust and mix it and let it steep for 10 more minutes. Supposed to work really well on light roasts.

    • Aditya Ikhsan Prasiddha

      +Trenton Mak 14 minutes? You’re kidding right? The coffee would go cold lol

    • Trenton Mak

      +Aditya Ikhsan Prasiddha This is what I’m referencing:

      It actually works pretty well and the coffee ends up being a pretty drinkable temperature right away.

    • The Nightmare

      Will Heineman – Lol, during the civil war they’d put their beans in a tin cup and smash them with the end of a bayonet. I’ll be damned if my cheap burr grinder isn’t good enough.

    • Ben

      My little Japanese Kyrocera hand grinder (they’re made in China now, hopefully they’re still as good) seems like it’s just as good or maybe better than my highly regarded and 8x more expensive Braratza Vario grinder when it comes to very fine espresso grind.
      For Aeropress I don’t think a fancy grinder is really necessary though, Anything better than a cheap chopper blade type ‘grinder’ should be fine.
      You probably just need to adjust the grind a bit finer if the coffee isn’t potent enough.

  • Ry Ry

    Whats written in this video doesn’t match what is written on the website. The website says 30 second bloom time. The video says 15 seconds blooming. Which one is right?

    • Mac Renton

      +Ry Rye i think if you include the 15 secs “turbulent wiggle” as blooming time, the total is 30 secs. the website is a bit of a loose report…

  • Mac Renton

    How much water total????
    Ok just looked at the website it says:
    20g / 230g / 79c
    Is that 230g including the 20g coffee, so its 210g of water, 20g coffee and 230g weight in total?

  • ChocolatePoop1301

    If anyone did a double blind AB Test on most of these metrics I guarantee you’d find that it’s bullshit. Think a 15s wiggle tastes any different than a 3s wiggle? Turbulent wiggle vs using a spoon? Fucking autistic coffee snobs.

    • Nepoxx

      You truly are a superior human being. Good day to you, sir.

    • C. D.A.

      I absolutely loved this comment.

    • eddybear88

      ChocolatePoop1301 exactly what I was thinking. I just came here for the simple steps. This was too much. You wet filter, put coffee in container with plunger fully extracted, you put water in and push into cup. Done!

    • Avant-Tom

      I agree that most of the minute details around any coffee recipe like how long to agitate and what method you use to do this are not so important. These aspects only have a very small effect on the taste of the finished cup o joe. the important thing is the big picture, like grind size, brew ratio, and emersion time. they give offer these small details because that is how they did it and the whole idea of these competions is to make it possible for everyone to try EXACTLY the best coffee

    • James Ward

      the wiggles do matter. as simple as possible to put it, agitation usually leads to more extraction. so 15s wiggles compared to 3s I’m sure has an effect on extraction.

  • Alex Schiopu

    if you are using a Baratza encore grinder use setting 16 as a starting point!

  • Irfan

    what’s the music that has been used in the video?

  • C. D.A.

    I used flavored ground coffee from a bag I got at a discount store, then I microwave regular old hard Vegas sink water, pour it in, stir it with a pen for 10-15 seconds, then plunge it as fast as I can without squirting it all over the counter.

    Shall I make a video?

    • Rajat Bansal


    • Ben

      Ew flavoured coffee :p
      Hard water is good for coffee though, you still want it to be clean/ filtered so it doesn’t have any taste to it.

    • eddybear88

      C. D.A. Bahahaha! I love it.

    • Viti

      what kind of pen did you use?

    • C. D.A.

      Ahh, finally! A true coffee connoisseur who knows the most important question. Ideally you’d want to use a Tibaldi Fulgor Nocturnus, as that brings out the full flavor of any bean, but particularly when ground for espresso. As a close second, the BIC Round Stic Xtra Life will start your day off right.

  • Jonas Link

    Which setting would you use on a knock feldgrind mill?

  • elvispiss

    Why do you save the leftovers?

    • The VlogPod

      elvispiss compost etc. they release some nasty greenhouse gases in landfill

    • Ben

      Really? I know coffee gives off carbon dioxide after it’s roasted, but so does everything. I always put my coffee grinds in my green bin (for compost), but wouldn’t it still give off the gasses? I assumed once it’s ground and brewed it’s not going to give off much more gas.

    • The VlogPod

      Ben more so they’re just useful for really high quality compost haha

    • Avant-Tom

      I compost my grounds

  • denkdirnennamen

    I thought the coffee would turn out pretty sour with that low temperature but really it wasn’t at all! It’s a good method, might use it more often now!

    • Ben

      For some reason lower temperature brewing turns out pretty good in the Aeropress, it’s actually pretty hard to make a bad cup in Aeropress. Compared to espresso / cappuccino, I think the potential for an awesome coffee is more limited with the Auropres, but so is the potential of messing it up and getting a bad coffee.

  • Freddie Slaughter

    I use the inverted method on my AeroPress and I make 2 cups of coffee each day, but I have to replace the seal every 6 months, because it becomes loose in the chamber after time. Have you heard of this problem? What is the best grind number and amount of coffee for a great cup of coffee? What is the best temperature of the water?

    • European Coffee Trip

      Hey Freddie, I guess it is a typical “problem” to change the seal every now and then. As you can find so many recipes there is not a perfect grind size, water temperature etc. it is all about your own preference and the winning recipes can be your starting point.

      In our office we mostly use 15g of coffee, 250g of water at about 93 degrees.

    • Xuan Vinh To

      You seal will probably last longer if you use they standard method. Hot water contact with oils from coffee can’t be good for rubber. I used mine standard for over 2 years without any issue.

      The Aeropress becomes easier to press (plunger and chamber slide more easily over each other) over time because of a thin lay of coffee oil in the chamber. Quick clean with dish soap solves that.

  • Freddie Slaughter

    Why do all the videos I’ve seen on this subject use a goose neck tea kettle?

    • European Coffee Trip

      The reason is perhaps that if you do pour over coffee you need to control the flow of pouring that is why you can see it often used in these videos – it is not necessary for Aeropress though (one of the advantage of this technique).

    • Avant-Tom

      So a goose neck bottle isn’t really neccessary if you only use an aeropress?

  • The Nightmare

    I didn’t pay attention to water temperature or amount of water, I just filled it up to the top and put the cap on. Produced an excellent cup for me.

  • Avant-Tom

    why do you save the puck?

    • European Coffee Trip

      It is rather Lukas’ preference – there are interesting ways what you can do with used ground coffee. Hope we will use some tips in the coming weeks.

  • Aimsn Desperd

    with this method, the flavour is so strong, i think aeropress can be my most favourite brewing method.. with this recipe ofc

  • gor86

    20grams! Not strong?

  • keith henry

    why save the puck?