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We talked coffee roasting & business with Lisa Lawson, who founded Dear Green Coffee Roasters in Glasgow. She is one of the pioneers of third wave coffee in Scotland.

"I can talk forever about coffee. I love everything about it. I've just been like a sponge these last few years, read as much as I can, and I promoted to everyone else."

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  • Maurice Pink

    What a beautiful story!

  • Brent Goodale

    Love this story and transparency!!! What an awesome story!!! Great job on all aspects

  • El Taller

    A cup of coffee please ⭐👍☕🇲🇽

  • Neil Fellows

    Excellent branding!

  • James Charlton

    Great to see!

  • Jennifer Whitfield

    It’s so great to have people educating their customers on the what used to be the hidden flavours of coffee, her comment ‘I don’t want people to have lots of milk and lots of sugar and not taste coffee in the purest state’. Yes! Thanks for your efforts Dear Green. I hope one day to visit you on my European Coffee Trip.

  • Ka Grilo

    Fantastic ❤️

  • Jim Davis

    Beautiful roast. Love light roast.

  • Lyndon Joseph Realubit

    Great and encouraging!

  • Lukman Pratin

    Felt nice seeing this.

  • Brian Birdy

    This woman is pure class ❤️☕️

  • Marwan Abodayyeh

    Hi I want to learn how to make coffee

  • D M

    «Naturally humans don’t accept bitterness – it’s a flavour we reject from an early age». Well, if this was true, coffee wouldn’t be the world’s most popular beverage after tea (which itself is bitter too).
    «I don’t want people to have lots of milk and sugar in their coffee». Fair enough – but without milk, where goes your excitement for latte art you talk about?
    «I’m never gonna roast dark coffee, because I source wonderful, naturally delicious coffee, so why would you burn it? I don’t understand a dark roast?» As a roaster, one would expect you to to understand that different roast levels have their place in different ways of brewing coffee. For drip, French/Aeropress and steeped coffee, medium and light roasts are clearly preferable. But in espresso based drinks, dark roasts come into their own. You don’t «understand» dark roasts, you say? How about taking a trip to Naples, Italy? If you don’t get an understanding of dark roasts there through the lifeblood of the city’s population, which is masterly dark roasted espressi, you probably never will.

    • European Coffee Trip

      Thanks for questioning Lisa’s points and ideas. I think many of them were a little misinterpreted but we don’t want to talk on her behalf. Only about the dark roast – I believe she understands the process but she doesn’t understand reasons why she should do it to her specialty coffees. I agree you need to roast differently for espresso but it doesn’t need to be dark.