How To Make Cezve/Ibrik Coffee: Konstantinos Komninakis (2016 World Ibrik Champion)

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100% Kona Coffee

2016 World Ibrik/Cezve Champion 2016, Konstantinos Komninakis shows how to make a perfect cup of coffee using Cezve/Ibrik.


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  • CaffeineRunner

    Thank you!

  • René Kobeitri

    great job

  • omfriend

    i tried with normal ground but it needs more finer ground that even my grinder can’t do it… I’ll try with motor and pestle next time to fine it to texture

    • European Coffee Trip

      Yes, you need really fine grind to make the preparation work well. Good luck and keep us updated!

  • Abdulrahman Almutairi

    Nice cafe, where is it?

  • Jan De bor

    But isn’t the coffee unfiltered?? Is the coffee with coffee powder??

    • European Coffee Trip

      Yes, it is unfiltered. However you grind coffee extremely fine, usually as fine as possible and some grinders can not even achieved that. So what it means is that sediment sits in the very bottom of the cup so it is pleasant to drink. Of course it is not as clean as filter coffee but this is the traditional method.

  • Mitsuhiro Harimoto

    I’m curious about who made this Ibrik?

    • Kent Seaburn

      I was a bit confused because there isn’t a way to order through the website. You can, however, ask for a price list and place your order via email. Here is what they told me: “You can order whatever you like by e-mail . We are constructing everything here and we can make any alterations you may like in the dimensions and sizes, for example we can make a coffee pot size N20 which there is not in our catalog or price list. Feel free to ask us any inquiries you may have. You can download our catalog from our web site and I am sending you our price list for all the items in our standard production.” Enjoy!

    • Kent Seaburn

      Looks like the list price for that particular pot is around 5,5 to 7,5 euro, hard to see exactly which size it is.

    • Sam

      Could you send me the price list?
      Did you order something? Maybe also a grinder?

    • Kent Seaburn

      sent you an email

  • Haitham G

    Could you please advice me to coffee beans that are good for Turkish coffee, and what roast do you recommend. I am sorry that I could not get the name of the coffee at 0:26.

    • Denise Brennan

      I had a coffee roasting company and my customer who made Turkish coffee every morning preferred Yemen Mokha Ismaili.

    • Haitham G

      Thanks for replying to my question. Have you had Yemen Kholani coffee before? And do you suggest any roasters that have legit Yemen coffee because I know the supply is very limited. Thanks for sharing this with us!

  • Eric Shotwell

    Where can I find portable gas burners just like those? I’m in the US.

    • Konstantinos Komninakis

      Hello Eric. These specific gas heaters you can find them only in Greece , but you can order them at

  • Chad Mohamed

    Guys please!!! I need help here. I can not get my coffee to rise. I am following all steps.

    Only difference is in equipment. I’m using
    – stainless steal ibrik
    – big ibrik. Serve like 4 cups. I am doing 260g of water with 26g of coffee
    – using a gas stove

    Any suggestions????

    • Jesús Chenique

      That is the correct ratio of coffee to water for ibrik, my only suggestion would be to make sure your brew is ready (almost overflowing) when the clock hits 2:30 m

    • rilec

      If you add more coffee you can get a richer crema

    • Tan Gezer

      You need 8gr superfine grinded coffee for each cup. Use low heat, never stir. It is best to cook one cup at a time.

    • ali tug

      buy arcelik turkish coffee machine is easy ..brand arcelik or beko

  • Chad Mohamed

    I’m going to Greece this summer. Where can I purchase the same burner?

    • European Coffee Trip

      Konstantinos has already answered that belowe: “These specific gas heaters you can find them only in Greece , but you can order them at” – have fun in Greece!

    • Chad Mohamed

      I tried to order on this site and I don’t believe they ship to USA


      So you like coffee huh ?

    • NewMetroDesign

      Just buy a JetBoil at REI.

    • Efstathios Dimopoulos

      This kind of gas heater is sold in every supermarket chain in Greece , and most convenience corner shop usually sell s that kind. Unfortunately compressed propane canisters and airplanes is a no-no meaning you wont be able to order or to bring with you the canister. The burner part you can but you have to find some importer of Greek stuff on the East coast that imports stuff for the American-Greeks there. There are several.

  • nosesmasher

    I learn something new every day. Today I learned that there’s a World Ibrik Championship.

  • Sam

    hi! do you use hot water?

  • Irzan

    I saw on other youtube’s video that coffee boiled 3 times, but here you just boiled 1 time only. I little confused here, because when I tried at home and boiled 3 times, I got no crema. Should I just boiled it 1 time only?

    • Tan Gezer

      You don’t boil at all, just raise the foam once. Always use room temperature water to start with. Never stir! Turkish coffee needs low heat. While pouring coffee, you should hold the cup (fincan) with an angle so that coffee touches the wall first not the bottom of fincan. Just small tips, if you take… In the video, barista served beautiful coffee. One can tell the taste from the color of the foam.

  • George

    Can you grind any beans and make greek/turkish coffee? Is the only cridential superfine grinded? Thanks for a really nice video!

    • Tan Gezer

      Any beans will do -I prefer Yemen Mokha. Prefer lighter roasts and superfine grinding is a must. Thanks to the video indeed!

  • jean gagnon

    Why some people take the crema out with a spoon before pouring the coffee and others will only pour it directly? Does it make a difference?

  • TheDarDar1

    Excellent video! Thank you!