How To Make Aeropress Coffee – The Winning Recipe (WAC 2016)

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AEROPRESS MOVIE: A Documentary film by European Coffee Trip revealing the story of an iconic coffee maker.

Filip Kucharczyk is a founder of Cafe Targowa, co-founder of Czarny Deszcz coffee roasters. He is a barista and trainer but the most importantly he is the 2016 World Aeropress Champion. We met him in a historical building of Hala Targowa in Wroclaw, Poland where he revealed his winning Aeropress recipe so you can try it at home!

Full interview with Filip:

Cafe Targowa

Czarny Deszcz

Strona główna

Rio Negro coffee:

Music by Michał Korniewicz

Michał Korniewicz

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  • Jimmy K

    Fantastic video

  • Nikhil Nigade

    Been waiting for new videos. Thank you for sharing the quantities as well.

  • Michael Argentoratensis

    Nonsense pushed to its ultimate limit.

    • Mark Dowdy

      Have you had Aeropress coffee? I understand where you’re coming from because this is how I felt about wine. Give it a shot and then come back and we can talk, no sarcasm.

    • Michael Argentoratensis

      Yes, I have had, because I have an AeroPress at home. Just no way for me to get a decent cup of coffee out of this contraption, whatever the recipe, method, etc. What’s more, I hate plastic coffee makers that keep foul rancid coffee oil smells no matter how thoroughly you clean it up.
      Now, this “winning recipe”, just by watching the numbers, I can know it must be darn underextracted. And there’s no need to tell me to give it a try, I won’t waste so much coffee just to confirm that I’m gonna get what I already guessed.

    • Mark Dowdy

      Cool. If you’ve tried it, that’s a whole other thing. Maybe it’s the beans (roasting quality, bean quality, age) or your water.

      Here I am, a measly average coffee nation citizen, but I think I agree on the underextraction. It’s pretty pale.

    • Ben

      Aeropress makes a pretty good and pretty consistent cup of coffee in my experience, I’m not a fan of plastic either, I’m hoping nothing leeches out into the drink. And even if the plastic smells a bit, I don’t think it affects the drink, I haven’t noticed anyway. IT does turn out differently based on how you brew it, Grind size, amount of coffee and water, and steep times do make a bit of a difference, I find it’s hard to make a really bad cup, even with older or bad coffee. With espresso / cappuccinos you definitely have a higher potential to make an amazing coffee, but if the temp or grind is slightly off, you may end up with a bad coffee.

      This method seems like it’s not ideal because he’s using such a large amount of coffee and it’s too coarsely ground. Also I wouldn’t water it down further, (I do add milk though to make it like like a non frothy cappuccino).

  • Antonio

    how can this be espresso strength. it’s far too clear

    • Airz18

      It’ll be an Americano as he added water after brewing. But you do get different coloured coffee depending on the roast of the bean

    • Antonio

      doesn’t matter if you add as much water as this the colour and the flavour dissipates

    • Maciej Sitko

      it won’t be americano as its not real espresso, aeropress is its own brewing method, you can’t squeeze 15-19 bar pump power with your hands mate…

      aeropress won’t make you espresso it will make you something in-between moka pot and french press brew. and moka pot with finer grind is the closest you can get to espresso without actually buying espresso machine…

    • Maciej Sitko

      +Antonio: its medium (to-light) roast brew. its correct. It will be light and fruity with acidic touch

    • rogermorse

      aeropress has nothing to do with espresso

  • Mark Dowdy

    The WAC is a very interesting concept to me… I follow the recipe that comes in the box with very slight modifications based on the bean I’m using. I derive temps from going high and low and finding a mid-point that has the best flavor.

    Of course, different places will have different beans, water purity and taste etc, and different people have personal tastes as well.

    So I’d love to know- What’s your recipe?

  • Paweł

    This method is fantastic 😀 Don’t get me wrong but… I use it every time I have to “utilize” beans which I’m not pleased with them xD It makes even not the best beans enjoyable and as I have to use 35g per coffee I literally “utilize” the bag very quick 😀 Thanks m8!

  • Rich Roque

    What’s the grind setting that you used on the Feldgrind? Would love to try this out at home

    • European Coffee Trip

      Good question that we can’t answer:( we didn’t mark it as Feldgrind is unfortunately nto that widely spread hand grinder. I think that with any other brewing recipe you get a sense of the coarsness and that you need to find the ideal setting by the taste.

  • billy balchin

    A bit poncey for my liking. I’ll still probs try it.

  • I.P. Knightly

    Do you have to use chopsticks to stir? What if you used, say, the barrel of a shotgun?

  • Brandon Stelly

    I don’t understand (not bashing, just confused). How does this bro’s brew win if the majority of people brew coffee exactly like this? What am I missing?

    • PRIZZA

      Brandon Stelly the timing, brew temperature, coffee weight, grind and inversion are the main flavor variables.

  • 1DJSkittles

    It looks to light when u add water to it but.. I’m
    Still going to try

  • mert berke gür

    what is the grinder model ?

    • European Coffee Trip

      It is Feldgrind from Made by Knock company from Edinburgh. They have Kickstarter campaign for their new model too:)

  • Nathan Hallisey

    I drink it straight as it comes. No extra water.

  • Maciej Sitko

    Disclaimer: I use some good quality roasts (medium typically).

    I must admit that this method does not impress me, it works well with darker roasts but with medium or medium-to-light its far too acidic.

    Also, Chemex grind is not coarse but medium and description somehow deceives. Coarse is French Press, isn’t it?

    For what I like is just 17g of medium-to-light fruity roast, 30 sec 50ml saturation, pour the rest , 45 second wait and then 30 second plunging. Water is 250ml at 85 degrees.

    • Cafe Targowa


    • Maciej Sitko

      Actually… it did sound too cryptic for what is actually a great way to make coffee 🙂 I just wanted to note that it brings aciditiy up quick in lighter roasts and is not too cost savvy (35g is quite a bit for a cup).

    • European Coffee Trip

      Hey Maciej! Thanks for taking time to comment on the recipe. It is true it is not very cost effective way of brewing AeroPress but it is a competition recipe so the taste was the goal and not necessary effectivity of the recipe. It should work however with any kind of coffee, you have a chance to control the taste by diluting the final brew.

      There were already 9 World AeroPress Champions and each of them had a different recipe. That is what we find fascinating. We have also our simple recipe that we use in the office:)

    • European Coffee Trip

      What do you think?

  • A Free and Simple Life

    that’s a lot of coffee!!!

  • Jonas Link

    Does anybody know, the exact setting for the Feldgrind?

  • essemcee

    Others don’t press the steam through; I prefer it as its more of an espresso method. What are your thoughts on fine grind, non-inverted and pressed through to compression of grounds with steam? Love the ease and clean-up. Simply pop the puck out, rinse and done. Add water for Americano.

  • bigmac

    Wouldn’t it take less time to become world renoun brain surgeon? I mean if I started the second you started to make coffee using this method?

  • chucky chuck

    Looks like water and weak, so far out of all of the videos I had watched this maker doesn’t impress me.

    • European Coffee Trip

      +chucky chuck have you tried? It creates the concentrate that is then diluted so the color is little different.

  • iwgl1981JMR

    Looks like apple cider