8 Frequent Questions from Our Readers to Mahlkönig | European Coffee Trip

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You asked questions and Christian Klatt from Mahlkönig answered them. Check them out!

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#1 Question (Klaus Thomsen, Copenhagen)
Why is there the 7 months waiting time for an EK43? [0:10]

#2 Question (Krzysztof Barabosz, Opole)
Are you planning to do something for home baristas? In the price range of 250-300 euro. [1:37]

#3 Question (Damian Durda, Berlin)
When will you release the barista model of EK43? [1:56]

#4 Question (Friqle, Berlin)
Why don't Mahlkönig offer factory tours? [2:54]

#5 Question (Cem Bozkus, Istanbul)
Why is there no ek43 mini available? [3:30]

#6 Question (Nico, Cheshunt)
How do I get the best out of a Mahlkönig Tanzania Grinder? [3:59]

#7 Question (André Krüger, Hamburg)
Do you need a new endorser? You could put a sticker with my
face on the grinders if I get an EK 43 for free. [4:54]

#8 Question (Eva Sindelarova, Brno)
What kind of coffee do you drink at work? How does Mahlkönig treat their employees coffee wise? [5:07]

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  • nokkhaowebmaster

    ek43 is a good grinder yes but go not overrrated this and in the same time other grinder can grind and give good taste coffee as well.

    • Friedrich Radi

      +nokkhaowebmaster look at the grind particle size distribution curve of the EK43 compared with other grinders… its outstanding

  • capretp

    Is there any update on when the EK43 Barista will be available for sale? At 2:40 you mention that the plan was for it to go to market by the end of 2016, which has come and gone. I’m by no means upset about this. I’ve just been holding out for it for a while and want to know if I should keep waiting.

    • European Coffee Trip

      Good question. We don’t have any new information about EK43 neither. We will ask them when we will have a call next time but don’t think we should expect it anytime soon.

    • capretp

      Thanks for your reply, European Coffee Trip! Have you had the opportunity to talk with Mahlkönig or Christian Klatt again? I have heard rumors that a “final production version” of the EK43 Barista will be on display at the Internorga Convention, March 17 – 21, 2017 in Hamburg. But, it’s hard to know if these are true and (even if true) when the EK43 Barista would be available for purchase. If you can find any information on this, it would be deeply appreciated.

    • European Coffee Trip

      Hello there! Unfortunately, we don’t work that close with Mahlkoenig this year and Mr. Klatt left the company by the end of the last year so you may wait for Internorga to see what will be presented there. Fingers crossed!

  • Cort3z

    Question; Why do they always seem to put screws right on the cutting surface of the burrs? To me it seems like the absolute worst place to put screws in the entire machine.