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Interview with Gwilym Davies (Brno, Czech Republic)

We like to have our interviews short but we couldn’t make it this time with Gwilym! Every word he says is a pure coffee wisdom that I want to write down and remember. In this interview Gwilym is sharing stories that were never told before. He is constantly trying to push the speciality coffee industry forward as a judge or as a barista trainer. In the same time he’s looking forward to be “replaced” by the new generation of coffee professionals. “We are getting old, we should […]

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Learn Coffee with Gwilym: #3 Dosing Mistakes

Improve your barista skills in 2015. We are releasing a new video every week. Don't miss it and subscribe today: http://europeancoffeetrip.com/gwilym #3 DOSING MISTAKES: A major influence in the strength and flavour of espresso is the relationship between the amount dosed into the portafilter and the amount of water used to brew the espresso. Not being consistent with the amount dosed into the portafilter is a common dosing mistake and not knowing the amount of water used is a common brewing mistake, without this consistency and knowledge […]

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