Interview with Gwilym Davies (Brno, Czech Republic)

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We like to have our interviews short but we couldn’t make it this time with Gwilym! Every word he says is a pure coffee wisdom that I want to write down and remember. In this interview Gwilym is sharing stories that were never told before. He is constantly trying to push the speciality coffee industry forward as a judge or as a barista trainer. In the same time he’s looking forward to be “replaced” by the new generation of coffee professionals. “We are getting old, we should be kicked to the side!” he says. Are you accepting the challenge?

About Gwilym Davies:

– World Coffee Events Head Judge
– World Coffee Events Representative
– 2009 World Barista Champion
– Certified SCAE Trainer (AST)

Interview notes:

– On starting his coffee career in New Zealand [0:55]
– On learning to drink and to actually enjoy coffee [3:07]
– London without any good coffee [4:15]
– Meeting James Hoffman in London [7:00]
– Aspects of being a street barista [8:30]
– On the decision to participate in the barista competition [16:00]
– The process of becoming the champion [17:36]
– A year as the world barista champion [22:36]
– On important aspects of running a cafe [31:10]
– Czech beer and Czech coffee scene [33:21]
– Speciality coffee as a brand new industry [40:30]
– Advice for people entering the coffee world right now! [42:59]

About European Coffee Trip:

European Coffee Trip is a project that wants to understand and explore the current state of the specialty coffee scene in Europe. Whilst traveling across Europe we will be taking pictures, shooting videos, and interviewing people in order to share our journey with as many of you as possible. You’ll get a chance to experience the essence
of every single city's coffee scene we visit..

Our ultimate goal is to create a community of like-minded people who want to keep learning and discovering the culture of specialty coffee.

Our list:

Brno, Czech Republic
Bratislava, Slovakia
Prague, Czech Republic
Budapest, Hungary
Vienna, Austria
Salzburg, Austria
Krakow, Poland
Gliwice, Poland
Warsaw, Poland
Poznan, Poland
Wroclaw, Poland
Opole, Poland
Berlin, Germany
Hamburg, Germany
Munich, Germany
Dusseldorf, Germany
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Zurich, Switzerland

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  • coffeefusion

    Thank you so much for this interview. I have been posting videos on YouTube videos for 4 years, and to be able to see interviews with people in the industry like Gwilym is a great thing! I’m definitely subscribing to see what else you come up with on this channel – great work!

    • European Coffee Trip

      Thank you! We subscribed your channel and will go through your videos. Good job you are doing there. Let us know what are your tips for making our channel or videos (or both) even better. 

  • Jan Malec

    jeden z nejlepších rozhovorů co jsem za poslední dobu viděl… dobrá práce pánové 😉 

  • Paul von Tettenborn

    That was just fantastic, his insights and thoughts about the evolvement of the industry are amazing! Great and very personal interview! Keep up the great work!

  • Alex Romb

    thank you for this amazing interview!  it was very interesting!

  • Frans Goddijn

    Excellent, thank you!! Very inspiring.

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  • Willie Wee

    Wonderful interview! Very motivating and inspiring. Every word from the master is a coffee wisdom indeed. Thank you! – Singapore

  • Oskar Freiman

    Really interesting. I will open up my own speciallity coffee place i Stockholm as soon as i have the money for it, stay tuned and look after “Aromer Coffee Bar” in the future. Really helpfull insights to my own place. All your videos are great so far. keep them comming, I’ve subscribed now.

  • Simon Jequier

    Thank you for posting this interview!

  • TheOriginalCoda

    This: “The desire to be good at something.” Greetings from Brno.

  • adityo pratomo

    hallo european coffee trip team, how are you ? such a good interview you had with mr gwilym davies. would love to see him someday! it’s really related to my story. once i was a barista when i was in college. after graduating from the college (anyway i was taking electrical engineering. which is not relating with what i am doing now hahaha), i decided to open my own coffeeshop. it’s been two months for now and i really struggling to run it. as mr gwilym said being a barista and a cafe owner is really a different story. thank you for uploading this video guys! hope you can get some interview to some role model barista like him! check out my coffeeshop, it’s located at bandung, Indonesia. we also have instagram @sunnysidecoffee. go follow us (to much hoping maybe hahaha) 😀

  • Katzen jammer

    Reminds me of Morrissey 🙂