Our Home Barista Kit Update 2017 | ECT Weekly #003

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100% Kona Coffee

In this weekly video, back in our office in Brno, we are testing 3 new coffee products we received just before Christmas. First came from Germany, second from the Czech Republic and third from South Korea.

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Czech Custom-made Coffee Dripper

KINU Hand Grinder

The Gabi Master A Dripper

Music by:
Nowell Gio Lacbay (NGL) – Time

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  • Michal Urban

    Boys, you are fabulous.👍

  • Michal Urban

    How and where to buy the ceramic custom made dripper for Kalita filters? Thank you. 😉

  • Baris Ozcetin

    The Gabby Master A Hand Drip Mechanism is genius, there is a problem with manual drip methods and that is channelling, how ever you pour you make channelling, this design solves the problem (and gets rid of the fancy and expensive kettles), absolute genius…

    • European Coffee Trip

      It is pretty simple but clever – let’s see if it will make its presence around Europe (world).

  • renatoa

    The Kinu grinders are 100% designed and manufactured in Romania.
    Only the company owner is German…

    • European Coffee Trip

      Well the box says it is designed in Germany it was shipped from Germany. Sorry if that is not correct, still happy it was produced in Europe:)

    • renatoa

      You can check the whole history of development on the espressoman.ro forum, it was a massive brainstorming to polish this grinder from the inception to what is today.

  • UpickyRizek

    Uz by vam mel nekdo povesit ty obrazy 😀

  • rufus yang

    how can i buy the kinu

    • European Coffee Trip

      Hey Rufus, check the description of the video. There is both website and Facebook, hope you can easily order it from there!

  • István Mészáros

    Kinu looks amazing… !!!

  • Rifqi Hawari

    you made my days guys, thanks 🙂

  • Donald Tiemann

    Hello from Las Vegas in the United States! Just found you guys through a liked video over at Coffee Fusion, and I can see why. Really enjoy watching you guys. Excellent production! 😀

    • European Coffee Trip

      Hey Donald, it is great to hear from you? How is the coffee scene over there?

      Yes, we are friends with Coffee Fusion and we are lucky to travel little more than him. We hope to push coffee production on Youtube in the future. Is there anything else you would like to see from us?

      Check our website and social media if you would like to learn more about what we do.

  • mert berke gür

    which one is better for pour over ? comandante c40 mk3 or king m47 ? or another hand grinder ?

    • European Coffee Trip

      Hey Mert! I think we were in touch on Facebook but you can’t get wrong with any of these grinders so the question is your budget and the availability in your country. Cheers.