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Learn Coffee with Gwilym: #3 Dosing Mistakes

Improve your barista skills in 2015. We are releasing a new video every week. Don't miss it and subscribe today: http://europeancoffeetrip.com/gwilym #3 DOSING MISTAKES: A major influence in the strength and flavour of espresso is the relationship between the amount dosed into the portafilter and the amount of water used to brew the espresso. Not being consistent with the amount dosed into the portafilter is a common dosing mistake and not knowing the amount of water used is a common brewing mistake, without this consistency and knowledge […]

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Learn Coffee with Gwilym: #1 Coffee Distribution

#1 COFFEE DISTRIBUTION: The first video is about the effective distribution of coffee from the grinder into the filter basket before tamping. To have a consistently even extraction without ‘channelling’ you need an effective and consistent technique for distributing the coffee evenly throughout the filter basket, leaving a flat and level surface before tamping. This video looks at what Distribution is and how to do it effectively and consistently. About the project: The knowledge of baristas is improving quickly but we need a strong foundation, if we […]

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