What is Nitro Coffee and how they make it at Happy Baristas? | ECT Weekly #018

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Nitro Coffee. It is not cold brew, it is not filter coffee, it is not beer but it takes the benefits of all these popular drinks. “It is an ideal summer drink,” explained Roland Lodr, co-founder of Happy Baristas in Berlin. We believe we will find Nitro Coffee in many cafes around Europe so we wanted to know more about this drink.

# What are you gonna learn?

– How to explain Nitro Coffee in simple words
– The basic process of making Nitro Coffee
– Benefits of serving Nitro Coffee to the customers
– The future of selling drinks on tap in the coffee shop environment

# Happy Baristas



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  • Igor Kohút

    Je možné Nitro Coffee ochutnať v Čechách alebo na Slovensku?

    • European Coffee Trip

      Dobrý dotaz, určitě mají v 4Pokojích na pípě, ale nejsem si jistý jestli poháněný Nitrem. Zkusíme zjistit!!

  • Thanekrios95

    your vid was just what i had been looking for! interview, tech sneakpeak- very informative. thanks a lot!

    • European Coffee Trip

      Awesome. Deep dive in our playlist, you will find interesting things there:)

  • Piotr Woźniak

    In @KofeinaArtCafe in Opole is nice Nitro Coffee, if you have time. Come to Opole to try 😉

    • European Coffee Trip

      True! We have been there a few months ago but we haven’t tried that … next time:-D

  • FrenchPressCoffee.com

    Great video. Thanks for sharing!

  • nicolethemuso

    I absolutely love your videos! Always great content, production and happy vibes!
    I’m lucky to live in Berlin and discovered nitro coffee here in summer last year – I’ve been hooked ever since!

    • European Coffee Trip

      Thank you. We love making videos for you. Enjoy nitro coffee in Berlin, you can definitely enjoy it at various cafes. The very same day we tried one at Nano Kaffee.

  • Viti

    You should check out Roket by Kontakt in Budapest. They have been doing it for years

    • European Coffee Trip

      Sure, we know about Rocket. We have tasted it many times before. It was just an opportunity to film this topic at Happy Baristas when we were in Berlin. They were open to share the information and I hope it was an informative video for everybody:)

    • Viti

      Sure! It was very good. The guys at Kontakt are pretty secretive about their recipes (understandably). I don’t know who made nitro coffee first in Europe

    • European Coffee Trip

      I don’t think it was mentioned that Happy Baristas were first. They were just pointing out there was no solution on the market when they started to plan opening the cafe. I believe Kontakt as well as Brewbox were earlier!:)

    • Viti

      thanks, I’ll check out Brewbox 🙂 have you ever wanted to visit Italy? maybe look for specialty places there?

  • Mikołaj Baj

    Have tried nitro cold brew coffee this year at The Coffee Counter in Leicester and it was amazing. Very smooth texture. That’s the next level of the coffee experience.

    • European Coffee Trip

      Hey Mikolaj, thanks for sharing your experience from Leicester. Will check the roastery over there. We also believe it is a great coffee experience.

  • Mind Building Top Creator

    Nitro coffee is a very fresh and sexy concept, especially when presented like you are ordering beer, haha! I am definitely going to try it out when I get to Happy Baristas.

    • European Coffee Trip

      It is something way more cafes will look into pretty soon. Hope you will have a blast at Happy Baristas soon:)

  • hiro lesmana

    sometimes nitro coffees are just the best thirst quencher

  • khizar129

    how do I get these system? is it similar to beers? what will be the initial cost? excuse my ignorance but your help well be appreciated… thanks..

  • Waltski

    Very informative and fun video, thank you. I’ve seen nitro coffee here in the States but never gave it much thought, until now. Thanks!

  • True Brew coffee bar

    Nice, I’m bringing Nitro to Trencin, Slovakia too! I have to wait for Spring though 🙁