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Check out the new video coffee guide of speciality coffee places in Dublin, Ireland!

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This guide was sponsored by Marco Beverage Systems (
They produce great equipment for coffee and tea brewing. Thank you guys!

Cafés in Dublin:

– Vice Coffee Inc. (0:39)
– Roasted Brown (1:13)
– Fumbally Cafe ( 1:36)
– 3FE (2:09)
– Coffeeangel (2:59)
– Love Supreme (1:54)
– Full Circle Roasters (3:23)

About European Coffee Trip:

European Coffee Trip is a project that wants to understand and explore the current state of the specialty coffee scene in Europe. Whilst traveling across Europe we will be taking pictures, shooting videos, and interviewing people in order to share our journey with as many of you as possible. You’ll get a chance to experience the essence of every single city's coffee scene we visit..

Our ultimate goal is to create a community of like-minded people who want to keep learning and discovering the culture of specialty coffee.

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  • Mònica Romaguera

    I love your job guys! 🙂

  • Viti

    You should come to Budapest

  • Anshul Hardikar

    Good job guys! Love ur channel👍🏻

  • Black Mamba Coffee

    Great job. Thanks for sharing. Neat & to the point.

  • Alejo Lozano

    Great Job! when you wanna welcome to Colombia, is the best coffe in the world.

    • European Coffee Trip

      Well, we hope the chance to visit Colombia at some point. We had a chance to spend a week in Tanzania and it was amazing!

  • by Michelle

    Zboznuju vas channel. Sam jsem barista v nemeckem Koline a vase tripy jsou pro me velkou inspiraci. Jen tak dal BRO 😉

    • European Coffee Trip

      Wow, diky moc!! V Koline jsme behuezl jeste osobne nebyli, ale snad se nam podari brzy navstivit. At se dari – kam se za Tebou muzeme pripadne podivat?

  • juanumberone

    And just like that is how I know where my next trip is gonna be. Very nice channel guys!

  • mill101

    wish I could be there…now!

  • Anselm Jonathan

    You guys are just doing an amazing and fantastic job! I’m a coffee lover myself and have worked in a speciality café for some time and hope to get back into that field when I’ve finished my studies – which I will continue in Edinburgh and where, thanks to you, I already know some places to go to. Your videos are informative and always spreading a good spirit. I highly appreciate them and hope some of my enthusiasm comes all the way from Germany to you guys! 🙂

    • European Coffee Trip

      Hey Anselm! Thank you so much for your kind words. Good luck with your studies and hopefully we will meet for a cup of coffee some day. Enjoy your Summer!

  • Shantanu Karlekar

    Hii guys, nice compilation! I would recommend you to go to “Bear Market Coffee” @ Blackrock, Dublin for your next visit to Ireland.
    Cheers! 🙂