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9 Great third wave coffee and speciality coffee shops you can find in Budapest, Hungary. More:

The Ultimate Guide to World of Coffee Budapest

The Ultimate Guide to World of Coffee Budapest

List of specialty cafes:

1 – Espresso Embassy
2 – Fekete
3 – Budapest Baristas
4 – Tamp & Pull
5 – Double Shot
6 – Madal
7 – Kelet
8 – Speci Espresso Bar [closed]
9 – Kaffeine

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  • Alex Viralex

    Great episode! Very open, brief but informative! Great job guys!!!

  • Viti

    Awesome video! Unfortunately Spéci closed, but you can find La Nube or Addicted2Caffeine really close

    • European Coffee Trip

      Thanks for the update. It is true we recorded this vid last year so some things could change. As you mentioned, there is way more of new cafes though:)

  • GOES&

    Going to check out these spots next week! 🙂

  • rob fussell

    just in time for the WOC

  • István Mészáros

    Kelet is awesome i am living just next door to it :D. The only thing is that it is almost always full. Nice video 🙂 thanks

  • Ádám Toldi

    Yeah guys… Spéci is closed now, and has been for lforalmost half a year. Also of all the places, to leave out Kontakt, which is at least in the top 3… :/ (Best imho)

  • Anna Schabek

    Now I definitely have to visit Budapest

  • luticia

    Lived there for several years and as I can tell Hungarians make the worst coffee. “Your” Champignon Baristas as you call them have no clue of making a coffee. But good advertisement though 😀

    • European Coffee Trip

      Thanks for the opinion! Have you visited any of the shops yourself? A few years ago it was hard to find tasty coffee anywhere in Europe but is changing pretty quickly. What year was your “the worst coffee” experience?

    • luticia

      10 years ago.
      Of course life is changing constantly, also in Budapest, but still, when it comes to coffee and cake, they don’t have any clue.

  • Vaughn Blaylock

    You left out Bite Cafe on Teréz krt. The coffee there is amazing, and the food that goes along with it is decadent and delicious. Its location is great, as well.

    And don’t forget about Muvez on Andrássy út.

    • European Coffee Trip

      +Vaughn Blaylock haha – you can never visit all the cafes. We have the most updated list on our website, check it out!

  • Lukas Wallenstein

    “BudapeSHt” or as they say “Welcome, foreigner! Feel free to stay for one day!”

  • Thomas Rizzo