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Where to find best coffee in Bucharest? We visited 10 great specialty cafes in the city and meet pioneers of third wave coffee in the whole Romania.

# List of the cafés in Bucharest

1 – Steam Coffee Shop
2 – Steam Coffee Shop #2
3 – Two Minutes
4 – Frudisiac
5 – Bloom Speciality Coffee
6 – Orygyns
7 – M60
8 – Origo
9 – Guido Coffee
10 – T-Zero

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  • Tobias Freitag

    Great and useful guide. I was very surprised about the broad specialty coffee scene in Bucharest. I especially loved “Origo”, so lovely and talented people. Very good memory.

    • European Coffee Trip

      Thank you Tobias. We totally agree this city and the whole country has a great amount of energy right now!

  • GOES&

    Oh wow! I think I have to go to Bucharest! Love the Logo of II’ and their concept to encourage people to talk and socialize! Great Video!

    • European Coffee Trip

      Yes, you should fly over there. We filmed that last year so there is, even more, cafes now. We also like the creativity of Two Minutes and you should check his social media, really creative posts!

  • Daniela O

    Guys, did you visit Boiler Coffee shop? Next time you should try it and maybe make another video after that 😁 The coffee is very good and the main barista is Paul Ungureanu that was the first barista in Romania, he also had a barista school so almost all baristas were taught by him. He is a living legend 😀

    • European Coffee Trip

      Hey Daniela! No, we haven’t visited Boiler, since when are they open? It is true we should not miss it next time:)

    • Daniela O

      You’ll love it. they are open since September last year. Also there are new coffee shops like Artichoke, and Fellow One(the child of Guido), Dose Cafe and maybe until you come next time there will be more. Bucharest is evolving a lot 😉

  • Codrina Cazacu

    Hey guys! Super nice video. Next time you visit, go also to Van Fruct, Artichoke and Beans&Dots. They’re really nice and have great coffee. 🙂

  • Dylan Lambdin

    First video I’ve seen from you guys, definitely my new favorite YouTube channel. Subscribed!!

    • European Coffee Trip

      Wow, Dylan! That means a lot to us:) Please share it with your coffee friends and stay tuned for the next video (it will be published today – Berlin:)