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Where to find best coffee in Barcelona? We visited 8 great speciality cafes in the city and meet pioneers of third wave coffee in the whole Spain. Read more:

# List of the cafés

1 – Satan's Coffee Corner
2 – Nomad Coffee – Roaster's Home
3 – Skye Coffee Co.
4 – Slowmow
5 – Animal Coffee Bar
6 – Syra
7 – Atmans Coffee
8 – Hidden Cafe

# More cafés in Barcelona

# Music

# European Coffee Trip

European Coffee Trip is an online magazine dedicated to speciality coffee culture in Europe.

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  • Eklektik

    Please do Valencia! Going on a trip mid May and I hope I can get some tips where to go there for my coffee needs!

  • Janovin S

    Got excited when I saw this in my subscription feed! Please do Berlin 🙂

    • European Coffee Trip

      Perfect, that is what we want. We will be in Berlin in May but we are not sure about the guide – we should create at least a weekly video from some of the cool places there. What are your tips?

    • Janovin S

      +European Coffee Trip sounds good👍 I look foward to that! i was thinking, for each city maybe mention 1 or 2 of your favourite coffees from that trip? 🙂

    • European Coffee Trip

      Yes, we will definitely try to do that! Stay tuned.

  • JaroslavSl - 365 cups of coffee

    no to brzo!!!!

  • nicolethemuso

    I was just in Budapest – amazing coffee everywhere! Would love to see what you guys think 🙂

    • European Coffee Trip

      That is true. We have been in Budapest many times, here is the list of our favorite cafes: and you can find there also two article from our last visit (Sep 2016). Does it match with your preference?

    • nicolethemuso

      European Coffee Trip oh awesome! I didn’t realise you had a website – what a wonderful resource! I was super impressed with My little Melbourne, was luckily just down the road from where we were staying.
      Loving your works guys – keep it up!

  • nikybircakova

    When I was there last summer I visited three from you list and my favourite is Syra. And I also liked Onna Coffee.

    • European Coffee Trip

      Great! Yes, Onna Coffee should be on our list next time we are in Barcelona. Didn’t manage to visit.

  • FullAttach

    Too fast. Eight cafes in 5 minutes is too fast. I would love to learn more details of each establishment.

    • European Coffee Trip

      Fair point! We have done longer videos in the past, this one is shorter on purpose, we do share article/photos around the video that can serve as an additional source of information. Let’s see how it will work together. Hope you learned at least something in these 5 minutes.

  • Ryan Madrid

    No one recommended you to Cafes El Magnifico? I had their espresso in a restaurant. It was the best in the Italian genre of espresso. I swung by their cafe and had a nice Yirgacheffe. They roast on a Vittoria (drum, but hot air-circulated). Plan on swinging by Compak?

  • GOES&

    Just perfect to get a quick overview of the coffee scene! Love the style of the introduction and the interviews with the people behind the bar!

    • European Coffee Trip

      Thank you Alexander! The format of our city guides is always evolving (you can see the earlier version) but we are pretty heppy with this quick “intro to the coffee scene” version. Cheers!

  • Adam Marčan

    El Magnífico guys! I love this small roastery! And I think it has some tradition – it exist at least few decades I would say… 😉 #nextTime Thanks for nice movie and tips!

  • Olena Petrova

    cool! I wish I saw it before my trip two days ago :))

  • L.y.d

    cool channel!! instant subscribe!

  • Alícia Torra

    Great video!! You missed my favourite, though: DALSTON COFFEE

    • European Coffee Trip

      Thank you Alicia! It is hard to visit all the great cafes but we haven’t heard of Dalston yet, need to check them out!!