Moccamaster Factory Tour (Building Your Favorite Filter Coffee Maker)

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100% Kona Coffee

We spent a day inside of the Moccamaster factory in Amerongen, the Netherlands. It is still hand made with an incredible focus on the quality. It keeps the value of the founder, Gerard C. Smit, who founded the Technivorm company in 1964.

Learn how to brew great coffee with Moccamaster:

# 10 Good (and Funny) Reasons To Brew Coffee With Moccamaster:

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  • Jim Davis

    Awesome vid. Love looking at coffee brewer factory.

  • Anthony Skrivan

    Dude looks like Terrence Stamp!

  • embeckaburana

    Tak sme sa dočkali😁😁😁

  • Ladislav Martincik

    Very cool video! πŸ™‚

  • siphonsnob

    Lucky guys. This is just as I imagined the factory to be. I have had the 741 for 10 years now.

  • Floortje van Cooten

    Loved the video, good work guys! Proud to be a Moccamaster family member and see my grandpa’s work shine in your video πŸ˜ƒ

    • European Coffee Trip

      Hello Floortje! It is great hearing from you, we hope to meet your grandpa some day.

  • Christophe Barthelemy

    Hello Guys, great video and great know-how of TechniVorm thank you!
    We speak a lot of the MoccaMaster but TechniVorm has several products, what do you think of the others? Especially the KBGT741 which as the advantage of the isothermal pot.

  • Jakob Nordin

    Proud owner of a 2003 model 741 and it still looks like it was new! Great quality in every detail.

    • European Coffee Trip

      +Jakob Nordin yeah, good to hear! We have a new machine but we hope it will last for a long time.

    • Moccamaster

      Dear Jakob, Great to hear that your machine still looks like on the first day. A lot of our clients have the Moccamaster 20 years or more in use. πŸ™‚ Happy brewing! Your team from Moccamaster Sales

  • TuxKey

    Got my KBG741 yesterday.. i live in The Netherlands and did not even know about this lovely brand but i’m a fan now. Got my freshly roasted coffee in from Blanche Dael. And my first 6cups of coffee this morning.. in one word Awsome !6cups in less then 2min or something it was so fast and great taste.. Enjoyed your coverage guys and i’m proud to buy European build and assembled locally i agree with the text on the box from Gerard C. Smit saying life is too short for bad coffee.!

    • Moccamaster

      Dear TuxKey, Thanks for becoming a new fan! We hope you will enjoy your Moccamaster and the best coffee for many years!

  • thepiecesfit

    The upgraded shower head still doesn’t evenly saturate the coffee beyond brewing half a liter. The pour is very center based. Which is not the best for extraction. You have a big hole in the middle while the coffee on the outside doesnt get as saturated during extraction. Quick stir in the first minute usually solves this issue but this should be improved with design.