Learn Coffee with Gwilym: #6 Cleaning the Machine

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Cleaning the espresso machine is not the most exciting topic but it has a huge influence on the taste of your espresso. This video looks at what to clean and how often.

About the project:

The knowledge of baristas is improving quickly but we need a strong foundation, if we get the basics right we will progress faster and better. The goal of the project is to explain the techniques of the modern barista in an easy to understand, inclusive and forward thinking manner. It's a mutual project of European Coffee Trip and Gwilym Davies.

Gwilym Davies is a World Barista Champion from 2009 in Atlanta, World Coffee Events Head Judge and Certified SCAE Trainer. Gwilym is also well know for being a co-founder and director at Prufrock Coffee.

About Gwilym Davies:

– World Coffee Events Head Judge
– World Coffee Events Representative
– 2009 World Barista Champion
– Certified SCAE Trainer (AST)

Our dear sponsors:

Nuova Simonelli – http://www.nuovasimonelli.it/
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Subtitles created by:

ENGLISH: Lucie Marková (Kávové Listy)
CZECH: Lucie Marková / Aleš Pospíšil
ITALIAN: Cristina Caroli (SCAE Italia)
POLISH: Ana Wolsztajn
HUNGARIAN: Enikő Takács
GREEK: Despina Santorineou
VIETNAMESE: Vincent Tran
JAPANESE: Emi Fukahori
ESTONIAN: Pille Lõhmus
RUSSIAN: Nicholas Chistyakov
THAI: NutRada Kunavivattananon
GERMAN: Daniel Koening
KOREAN: Jay Roh (BWIssue)
BULGARIAN: Krasimir Kovachev
SPANISH: Fabiola Solano J. (Soy Barista)

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  • Mell Brown


  • James Roybal

    I use a nickel to unscrew the screen. Fits the screw slot perfectly and doesn’t mar it up like screwdrivers. 

  • Jakub Podešva

    We wan’t moooore 🙂 Perfect tutorials helped me to gain so much better espresso! Many thanks

  • Chau Chris

    good series

  • aditya karki

    Really true and practical guide. And i enjoyed how minor looking problems are addressed properly. good work.
    could you also do an episode on different tampers. i came across the problem when we had a flat and concave tamper in my shop and they seem to be different.

    • European Coffee Trip

      +aditya karki thanks for the idea, we can make more of similar videos when we collect more ideas. Any other tip?

  • TheOriginalCoda

    I’m always losing spoons lol. I have plenty of screwdrivers though 😛

  • Tryggvi Þór Skarphéðinsson

    Thank you European Coffee Trip and Gwilym!
    I’m preparing for a barista competition and your videos are just an eye opener!
    Well done!

  • Petr Polák

    I dunno but I must to doubt the thesis your coffee does not tase like chemicals after cleaning your machine using the white powder. I have a very different experience. It makes me crazy and feel sorry about all wasted coffee beans and all the work farmers and other people invested into my coffee when I pour the sixth or seventh shot after cleaning my machine and this foreign taste of chemicals is still present in the cup.

    Am I the only one? Can I do anything about?

    • gwilym davies

      +Petr Polák HI, maybe it is the chemical you use, I have not had the problem after rinsing the machine. I can understand your frustration, that is a lot of coffee to waste

    • Petr Polák

      +gwilym davies Hi Gwilym, thanks for your reply! Could you share with me the brand you  find to be okay? Either publicly or privately?

    • gwilym davies

      +Petr Polák Hi Petr, I find Puly Caf to be the most gentle, I use just a little bit less than the manufacturers say but use it more often

    • Petr Polák

      +gwilym davies Thank you for your tip. Next time I will buy the thing from Puly 🙂 

  • marioidrovorodri

    we need more videos gwilym!