Learn Coffee with Gwilym: #4 Inserting Handle Into The Group

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The journey of the coffee after tamping and before being brewed is never talked about but this journey is where mistakes are often made. The journey has to be quick but it also has to be done carefully, the video looks at flushing, inserting the portafilter and when to start the brewing process.

About the project:

The knowledge of baristas is improving quickly but we need a strong foundation, if we get the basics right we will progress faster and better. The goal of the project is to explain the techniques of the modern barista in an easy to understand, inclusive and forward thinking manner. It's a mutual project of European Coffee Trip and Gwilym Davies.

Gwilym Davies is a World Barista Champion from 2009 in Atlanta, World Coffee Events Head Judge and Certified SCAE Trainer. Gwilym is also well know for being a co-founder and director at Prufrock Coffee.

About Gwilym Davies:

– World Coffee Events Head Judge
– World Coffee Events Representative
– 2009 World Barista Champion
– Certified SCAE Trainer (AST)

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Subtitles created by:

ENGLISH: Lucie Marková (Kávové Listy)
CZECH: Lucie Marková / Adéla Demlová
ITALIAN: Cristina Caroli (SCAE Italia)
POLISH: Ana Wolsztajn
HUNGARIAN: Enikő Takács
GREEK: Despina Santorineou
VIETNAMESE: Vincent Tran
JAPANESE: Emi Fukahori
ESTONIAN: Pille Lõhmus
RUSSIAN: Nicholas Chistyakov
THAI: NutRada Kunavivattananon
GERMAN: Daniel Koening
KOREAN: Jay Roh (BWIssue)
BULGARIAN: Krasimir Kovachev
SPANISH: Fabiola Solano J. (Soy Barista)

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  • G Froelich

    Many thanks on the excellent advice. It makes me reevaluate my whole technique.

  • Indie Intellect

    Thanks again for the great tips and tricks. Love it!

  • poppiesrule

    Hey Gwilym, I have been passing these videos along to all my clients. This wisdom is sorely needed in my market and you impart it with such efficiency that it makes it very easy to convince people that they can be precise without being slow. You’ve also been teaching me a lot about how to explain things efficiently during staff training seminars. Thanks very much for putting these together.

  • Andra Pradana

    i love how you always make it simple and logical

  • marioidrovorodri

    un crack gwilym

  • Jireh Climaco

    Hi, this question is not exactly related to this video. But Im curious about how many seconds should it take from pressing brew until the coffee starts to drip out? Thank you!

  • Iam Matrix

    Well one importing thing is missing 🙂 Namely the Perfect water temperature in the grouphead. Its should be 88,5 – 93 so extraction of the espresso is Perfect and coffe losing the best oils to the cup …So my question is how long i need to do a flush for the best results i got Rocket Evo and i dont know what exaclty temperature is inside my Grouphead its important, or just quick flush 3-5 sec and go.:)?!

  • johnbarleycorndoe

    awesome videos, great presentation. one thing bothers me however, the music is really really loud compared to your voice and i just have to keep one hand on the volume button every time i watch them.