How To Make Turkish Coffee | ECT Weekly #024

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100% Kona Coffee

Learn how to prepare specialty Turkish coffee and learn more about this traditional method of coffee preparation. Our guide was Turgay Yildizli who is the 2013 World Ibrik/Cezve Champion and through his website – Speciality Turkish Coffee – he is an ambassador of Turkish Coffee all around the world.

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  • Aaman Nadal

    You have to add sugar and let it rise 3 times…Lots of other small mistakes.
    That is not how you make turkish coffee.—>Stick to what you know.

  • dragon lore

    Nice video πŸ™‚ (im from turkey)

  • AppleIsraelHelp

    We drink this type of Coffee in Israel as well, but many people just add boiling water to the grounds and don’t brew it the proper way. Nice video!

    • European Coffee Trip

      Haha, that is the similar way people do it in the Czech Republic. We call it also Turkish coffee but has nothing to do with the method in our video. Cheers from Brno!

    • AppleIsraelHelp

      European Coffee Trip You are welcome to Israel anytime! I would love to show you around here on a coffee tour

  • artperson

    hey girls! on 3:17 your coffee is boiling. and you didn’t understand the process at all

    • European Coffee Trip

      Hey girl! Good feedback, we are always learning. As you can imagine we have been making this video in the many takes and it is true that the clip we used in this one may not be the perfect representation of the rise. Perhaps this is not the video for the experts in the field as you are.

      Hope we will improve our technique for our next videos. Thanks!

    • European Coffee Trip

      Don’t think we vary that much in our recipe. It is really about adjusting the heat source and you are right we didn’t do an excellent job. I believe many people who are just starting can benefit from our video as it sets the principles right.

    • European Coffee Trip

      Could you be more specific what do you mean? We believe that we are learning consistently from the right people. Do you have a suggesting for better learning material? If you don’t like our own brewing, you can check the video we made previously:

    • LexKazakov

      Yep, Konstantinos does it right. If you place a thermometer into his ibrik you’ll see the temperature max 94-95 C. In your own ibrik it rises up to 98C, that makes the coffee bitter. Anyway, all the other stuff you show is OK.

    • European Coffee Trip

      Thanks for the explanation Lex. We did really like the taste of the resulting cup but no doubts it can be better!

  • ridho muhammad

    wow i love turkish coffee. this’s the first method which i learned before i know manual brew (V60) and espresso. this video make me want to brewing turkish coffee again. thanks!!! πŸ˜€

  • Haitham G

    Sorry but this coffee is not properly made, the water is should be more, usually until 3/4 of the pot. You also may add coffee after the room temperature water and stir after the coffee sink when placed on the fire source. And from my experience, I never have a nice cup of coffee when using a single origin beans, or from a blend for an espresso as it taste different, and I am always looking for the perfect bean that Turkish coffee brands sells.

  • Lucifer Michaels

    You don’t understand the process at all.That is not turkish coffee…

  • simay

    great video:) im from Turkey:)

  • Igor KohΓΊt

    I’d like to ask how the ‘dzezva’ coffee has tasted to you? Hasn’t it been too bitter? I usually prepare my coffee by V60 drip method, I have no experience with turkish coffee.

    • European Coffee Trip

      Hey Igor, if you follow STC recipe you should get pretty testy coffee that is rich and balanced, definitely not bitter.

  • antonis kyriakou