How To Make RAF Coffee (Russian Coffee in Double B, Moscow) | ECT Weekly #008

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In this weekly video we will take you to Moscow where we asked Double B's Bogdan Prokopchuk to show us how to make Russian famous coffee drink called RAF. Actually it will be the most popular lavender RAF.

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  • room42

    Oh, now i know more about Raf. Hi from Moscow =)

  • FullAttach

    Specific recipe to make at home?

  • Roman Kutanov

    In Double B Moscow orange RAF was especially good

  • ok

    This sounds very interesting and I’d like to make this at home with the same recipe Bogdan/Douuble B use. I have few questions

    Do you have a recipe anywhere?

    Does the drink have orange peel, lime peel and lavender flower in it?
    Is this citrus mix dried and then powdered?

    Also what is the syrup he drizzles on to make a design, is it honey?


    • LexKazakov

      To decorate the drink, barista uses several crops of espresso (or espresso crema).

      > Does the drink have orange peel, lime peel and lavender flower in it?
      Yes, it does, if we speak about Double B. Most of cafes simplify the recipe. They just use flavored syrups to make a particular taste.

  • Calvin Vanhofwegen

    not gonna find that in California haha or maybe I can idk

  • Alexander Perevalov

    It was created much earlier, in early 2000’s at Coffee Bean (Moscow) and it was named after regular customer Rafael.

    • European Coffee Trip

      Hey Alexander, thanks for more information. We know it comes from Coffee Bean and it is named after the regular customer but it is true we were told it happened little later.

    • Alexander Perevalov

      I had my first Raf in 2004 at Coffeemania.

  • Сергей Женчак

    How to make a citrus sugar?