How To Make Better Coffee with a Moka Pot | ECT Weekly #025

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Learn to brew better coffee with a moka pot. It is very simple, just use fresh coffee, hot water and keep your moka pot clean!

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  • Sára Goldbergerová

    Great video! I put towel to a freezer for couple of minutes and then I wrap it around a bottom part of the moka pot 🙂

  • objrevs

    Finally an excellent explanation on how to use this. Will try in the morning, tomorrow. Cheers!

  • Lucas Duncan

    Great video guys! I love moka pot coffee! Random question, but where did you get your heat source from? Can you buy it online?

    • Seth Missiaen

      I also wonder this. I have an electric stove and it is much harder to control the heat than a gas stove. This mini stove seems like a great solution.

    • European Coffee Trip

      Check the previous video – we got it from Speciality Turkish Coffee website – it is a seprate burner and the stand. It works pretty well in our office as we don’t have a proper kitchen here.

    • Lucas Duncan

      European Coffee Trip thank you, will check it out!

  • Nicolás Fierro

    Hey guys. Did you use drip grind size like v60? Thank you

    • European Coffee Trip

      Yes, I think you can start with V60 grind size and perhaps try little finer. You should adjust it so you get the best tasting coffee for you:)

  • István Mészáros

    ohhh Merci :), I didn’t clean it properly!!!

  • Wojciech Kamień

    One more important thing to remember – especially when you use aluminium pots – drying. Leaving your moka pot wet makes it oxidize much faster than when kept dry.

    It’s good to use a descaler from time to time – you can use water with citric acid powder (boil it inside the pot like coffee), vinegar with dish soap (1:2) or use ketchup (cover it and leave for 20mins). Replace the rubber seal from time to time – it’s cheap.

    • European Coffee Trip

      Wow, great insights. Thanks for sharing these. We may collect input from all of you guys and share it in the post.

  • Sam

    thanks for the video. i recently started to use cold water. this way quite more coffee comes out 20-30 ml more). also i don`t do the cooling-down anymore. i think it makes no difference. from which company is your pot?

    • European Coffee Trip

      Do you see any difference in the test (except of the amount of coffee) after your change? Actually, ours is from the Czech brand called Tescoma. You can check Coffedesk website (links in the description) to find a lot of version of the moka pot.

    • Sam

      Hi! I didn`t notice a change in taste. Shouldn`t the pot be taken from the heat as soon as the coffe comes out?

  • Altijd Wel Wat

    Grinding bit less coarse than V60/drip/pourover but also not as fine as espresso: just in between!
    Cleaning rubber ring and sieve really not necessary after each use. As long as you “just” clean and rinse all as soon as possible after use. Just “tested” this on mine and (surprisingly) no dirt at all since last 4 weeks! (I bought a new one and – once again – rinse all parts thoroughly and immediately after every use)
    And oh yeah…..: don’t use a knife for takng ring out :-O, for more than one reason!!

    • European Coffee Trip

      Thanks for providing us with more details. It is true we didn’t really tested for a long period to see how dirty it gets – but as it is still pretty similar to espresso brewing, more frequent cleaning will only help.

  • siphonsnob

    I use a stainless steel Moka pot because I found that aluminium has a metallic taste. Removing the seal with that sharp knife looks dangerous. Great video

    • European Coffee Trip

      Good points! You are right about the knife – it would be better with fork or anything less sharp. It was just the only thing that worked during the filming. I hope we didn’t make it too dangerous for people.

  • Zoey Nguyen

    It’s funny that when Chefsteps made a video featuring James Hoffman, talking about the same technique , a bunch of angry Italians jumped in and refused to accept that there are different ways to use the Moka pot. But because you guys are Europeans, the reactions here are much more positive.

    • European Coffee Trip

      +Zoey Nguyen haha, it will come, don’t worry! We had a lot of negative comments about our last video about Turkish coffee. Don’t think it is related to being European – James is from here too:)

  • Rob R

    Thank you, thank you, thank you… really helped me figure out what I was doing good wrong

    • European Coffee Trip

      Haha, thank you so much! Hope you are having a great cup of coffee now. Cheers from Brno!

  • Thijs B

    Be careful or better don’t use the green (hard) bit of the scrubbing sponge on your aluminium moka pot. Aluminium is quite soft and can scratch easily. You can clean the metal filter but don’t use it on your aluminium moka pot, or it will get dirty even quicker.

  • Epic Story

    I’ve learned two important things this week to improve my Moka Pot coffee…. First I also didn’t know you can remove the seal to open that bottom and really clean the inside! Second, I didn’t know that its better to use a slightly coarser grind rather than very fine like espresso. I’m looking forward to improving the taste of my Moka Pot coffee!

  • Mansour Muteb

    I really have this question for a long time now and hopefully you guys can answer it :), now how clear is the cup of coffee after making it in a Moka pot? Is it a muddy coffee or the filter down there can hold the grounded coffee?
    Thank you guys you’re the best.

  • HirachieOfSociety

    One of my biggest mistakes was putting the heat on super high… I’m guessing you put it on a low temperature and let it really heat up slowly around 4 – 5 minutes?