How to Brew Hario V60 Coffee like Scott Rao | ECT Weekly #022

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100% Kona Coffee

Our Hario V60 coffee tutorial created by following Scott Rao's recommendation in a new mobile app Brewtime. If you like this video, subscribe our Youtube channel!

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  • Mikołaj Baj

    App is very simple in use with clean interface. That’s good. As you guys have mentioned, grind size should be added with next update.
    It’s a fun to try new recipes however nowadays we are glued to our smartphones. It’s a nice break from screen when I brew the morning coffee.
    Interesting app but not necessarily in everyday use.

  • Michal Juul

    Why is not there an app for Android?

    • Jan Malec

      android users are able to do it without the app!

    • Michal Juul

      Thanks. I know. I just want to have the opportunity to see what other recipes it offers. And I’m tired of people thinking that everyone is using iOS

    • Marek Kříž

      Hi Michal, Android version coming soon – Q1/2018 :))

  • Anton Ovcharenko

    Nice app for starters brewers! For you guys, make fewer amount of identical information. Greets from UA

    • European Coffee Trip

      Hello Anton, thanks for feedback! Always appreciated 🙂 What do you mean by: fewer amount of identical information?