Exploring Ethiopian Coffee With Trabocca

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Trabocca is a single origin coffee supplier focused on East Africa with the emphasis on Ethiopia in particular. During our stay in Amsterdam we’ve got a chance to meet Cerianne Bury and Sander Reuderink at their European office. They surprised us by putting together a cupping of the recent crop the Ethiopian coffee. Delicious coffee and a spectacular view on the centre of Amsterdam made us feel like in heaven.
In this interview Cerianne and Sander talks about how special Ethiopian coffee is and their first trip to the origin. You’ll also learn that in Ethiopia they serve coffee with popcorn!

Cerianne Bury:
– quality coordinator at Trabocca
– worked as a barista (at the coffeechain in different companies), coffee trainer

Sander Reuderink:
– Sales director EMEA at Trabocca
– worked as a roaster in the Netherlands as well as quality manager and green coffee trader in Germany
– Dutch Cuptasting Champion 2011
– Judge at many international coffee championships

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