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This guide will take you to the best cafés in Istanbul We spent three days in this beautiful Turkish city talking with roasters, baristas and coffee lovers.

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Cafés/Roasteries in Istanbul:

– Probador Colectiva (0:18)
– Norm Coffee (2:44)
– Kronotrop ( 3:53)
– Brew Lab (5:27)
– Coffee Sapiens (7:04)
– Coffee Department (8:30)
– Petra Coffee (9:30)
– Montag Coffee (11:08)
– Rafine Espresso Bar (12:01)

About European Coffee Trip:

European Coffee Trip is a project that wants to understand and explore the current state of the specialty coffee scene in Europe. Whilst traveling across Europe we will be taking pictures, shooting videos, and interviewing people in order to share our journey with as many of you as possible. You’ll get a chance to experience the essence of every single city's coffee scene we visit..

Our ultimate goal is to create a community of like-minded people who want to keep learning and discovering the culture of specialty coffee.

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  • Finder 22

    Good stuff!

  • Prince70065

    very fine coffee in istanbul its a home of coffee world 👍

  • Андрей Абрамович

    Istanbul is Beauty

    • European Coffee Trip

      +Андрей Абрамович yeah, it is!! We hope to be back for Istanbul Coffee Festival.

    • Андрей Абрамович

      +European Coffee Trip , The description of the video says ” capital of Turkey”. Ankara is the capital , not Istanbul. 🙂

    • European Coffee Trip

      +Андрей Абрамович Good point, we should get back to our geography lessons. Of course it is Ankara, we are really sorry.

  • rujbin

    Thanks for the review. Istanbul is not the capital though… 🙂

  • Hatice Özer

    I love Istanbul

  • Galiah alotaibi

    I m going to Istanbul soon ,I will try those cafés

  • selcuk fındık

    you visit modern places but you should had to visit historic place like corlulu ali pasa medresi where historically turkish coffee is served…

    • European Coffee Trip

      Yes, you are absolutely right. Finding speciality coffee in the city is our aim so we skip, on purpose, the traditional places. No doubts people can find plenty of tips for the historical ones:)

  • Özden Aydın'ın Askeri

    which one was your favourite?

    • European Coffee Trip

      We really liked Norm Coffee and Coffee Department but we love all the cafes we visit and show in the video.

  • Anton Ovcharenko

    guys, thanks for your tripping! In all your videos, coffee tastes just good, and that is a big cons. Can you please try to describe the taste, it’s so interesting what you get in the cup, body, sweetness, acidity, flavour!! So sad that is just no information about it..

    • European Coffee Trip

      Good point Anton! We will do our best to try bring more information next time – we are not professional tasters so our goal is not to describe the nuances of the taste but rather show the places to go and people to meet. However we will try to be more specific when it comes to the taste descriptors.

  • Jim Davis

    You guys are great. Thanks for Worild wide tour of coffee shops.

  • Glenn Rhee

    Hopefully you guys can make some videos about coffee in Asia

    • European Coffee Trip

      Hey Glenn, we hope too! There is still so much to discover in Europe yet it is, of course, exciting to extend our travels. We have made a short documentary from Tanzania if you are interested!

    • Glenn Rhee

      Great… Can you release more videos about coffee in other european cafes? By the way, where are you guys from?

    • European Coffee Trip

      Sure! Just stay tuned and there will be more and more. If you check our website, we have close to 1000 cafes you can visit in Europe and we are adding more and more every week. We are based in Brno, Czech Republic and Berlin, Germany.

  • Jim Davis

    Expand You horizons. Go to the manufactures in Europe that make coffee equipment. Pour over equipment. French press. Drip machines etch. That would add to your vids. Ty. Great Vids

    • European Coffee Trip

      Yeah, agreed. We have been to Mahlkoenig and Nuova Simonelli already (have you seen these vids?) but soon we will bring you a report from Moccamaster factory. There is definitely a lot to share so it is just a matter of the right time and conditions. You will like it!

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