How To Make Irish Coffee.

The question, ‘how to make Irish coffee’, was first asked by an American passenger in the year 1942, according to the most popular story about the origin of Irish coffee. Due to bad weather and heavy storms, a flight full of American passengers was recalled to Foynes Airbase and all the passengers were suffering from chilling cold because of the hostile weather condition.

Joseph Sheridan, the chef at the airbase terminal restaurant saw these trembling passengers and he made coffee to help them recover from the miserable condition. The unique flavor of the hot beverage was a real surprise for all the passengers and one of the passengers asked Sheridan whether it was Brazilian coffee. He just said. “It is Irish coffee”. Since then, the popularity of this coffee has grown from strength to strength and several variations of Irish coffee can be found in these days.

How To Make Irish Coffee:- You Will Need

The most essential ingredients required for making Irish coffee include fresh brewed coffee beans, Irish whiskey, sugar, thick double cream or heavy cream, a jug or small bowl, chocolate (optional), stemmed glass and hot water.

In order to make the taste of Irish coffee rich and varied, some people add cinnamon, chocolate or nutmeg and putting a dash of Creme de Menthe or Bailey’s Irish Cream on top has become a craze among a good number of people as well. As far as sugar is concerned, people will be able to use brown sugar or white sugar, according to individual preferences and six-ounce stemmed glass or eight-ounce mug with a handle can be used to serve Irish coffee.

The captivating flavor and appearance has played an important role in popularising the question of how to make Irish coffee?

How To Make Irish Coffee:- Easy To Follow Instructions

1) Brew coffee using fresh coffee beans and strength and taste of the coffee can be altered on the basis of the individual preference.

2) The cream should be poured into the jug and it should be whipped in a modest manner. In order to improve the consistency and flavor, two tablespoons of sugar can be added (optional).

3) The glass should be heated by holding over steaming water.

4) Add one tablespoon of sugar (brown or white) into each heated glass.

5) A measure of whiskey should be added with the sugar and stir well.

6) Pour coffee into the glass by leaving a small place on the top and mix them well.

7) Add cream on top of the mixture of sugar and coffee.

8) Chocolate can be added according to individual preference (optional).

How To Make Irish Coffee:- Conclusion

The rich and delicious taste of Irish coffee will always keep people warm and over the years, several variations of Irish coffee have come into existence. Some people are using espresso instead of normal coffee and replacing Irish Cream Liqueur in place of Irish whiskey has also become a common practice.

Another option for some people, is to add a small quantity of liqueur to the Irish whiskey to make this coffee and a lot of people use cocoa powder to garnish it as well. All these possibilities and variations encourage more and more people to seek the answer to the question, ‘how to make Irish coffee’.

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