How To Make Cappuccino.

With it now being so popular, shouldn’t everyone know how to make cappuccino?

It is mainly because of the taste and smell of this unique beverage that cappuccino, without a doubt, has become the most favorite beverage all around the world. It came into existence during the early part of the twentieth century and since then cappuccino has become an integral part of the coffee shop.

When more advanced espresso machines were introduced in the market the popularity of cappuccino increased even more than before, not bad going for a coffee beverage, which when broken down, can be described as a combination of steamed milk, milk foam and espresso.

Perhaps it’s big plus point is that cappuccino gives people the freedom to alter it according to individual preferences. This can quite simply be achieved by changing the quantity of steamed or foam milk. This one aspect played an important role in making this drink immensely popular all around the world.

How To Make Cappuccino:- What To Do

Here are the easy to follow instructions to make cappuccino:

1) Prepare the needed quantity of espresso in the bottom of the cup. (Most people know how to make espresso). The cup should be big enough to add steamed milk later.

2) Steam milk should be prepared using the steam arm of the coffee machine. It is always advisable to turn the arm on full for a period of five seconds before inserting the arm into the cup of milk.

3) Add hot milk into the middle of the espresso with the help of a spatula or knife and it is being done to hold back the foam and the milk should pass through the crema.

4) When the cup is almost full (around 2/3) take out the knife or spatula. Shake foam into the top the beverage. Some people like thick foam and some others use foam just to garnish on top.

How To Make Cappuccino:- Conclusion

In order to decorate the top; cocoa powder can be used and it depends on the discretion of the individual. All these aspects will help people to find a convincing answer to the question, ‘how to make cappuccino, in the best possible manner.

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