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Coffee Questions


Here you will find information on the history of coffee, where and what it comes from and also fundamental questions like, what if any benefits does caffeine provide? You may have heard a lot of conflicting stories about caffeine. One minute it’s bad for you, the next it’s the answer to all known ills and a few unknown ones as well! So what is the truth? Well, the answer is only a click away. Are there any benefits of caffeine?


Coffee Tips And Variations

But that’s not all. We will provide you information about how to make coffee, what types of coffee are available and the many interesting and inventive variations you can try. If, for example, you like your coffee sweet and strong, learning how to make Vietnamese coffee could be the best decision you will ever make!

Also, we look at the cost of these variations, not in financial terms, but in terms of the calories in coffee. The basic product has few calories, but everyone likes to experiment, don’t they? Will those experiments turn out to be bad for your waistline? Once you have the knowledge you can make an informed choice. Whoever said “information is power” was quite correct. Remember knowledge once learned can never be taken away.


Ethical Coffee

An increasing number of people are now familiar with coffee that has an ethical core. Fair Trade Coffee being perhaps the most widely known along with Organic Coffee. There are however, others with a more specific and even exciting persona.
Only a few years ago the term “carbon footprint” was unknown outside of academic and scientific institutions. Not any longer, individuals are planting trees in an effort called “carbon offsetting” and cities are rushing to declare themselves “carbon neutral”. While not everyone is in a position to plant a tree or call themselves carbon neutral, they can help by, for example, drinking Carbon Neutral Coffee. Similarly, protecting the rainforest is going to have a positive influence on carbon dioxide levels, so Rainforest Alliance Coffee is increasingly becoming a natural choice.
cup of coffee
Clearly, protecting the rainforest is going to benefit wildlife and birds in particular, but if you wish to, your coffee drinking habits can be even more targeted by purchasing Bird Friendly Coffee. Yes, all these certifications really do exist although that may not be evident from visiting your local store.

However, with a little thought, forward planning and desire to do it, these changes are within your reach. Has ethical coffee just become exciting?


Make Your Coffee Experience Better

By reading our reviews on the newest, simpliest and dare we say, best, coffee grinders, coffee makers, espresso cups and just about any other coffee related subject we can find! From getting the fundamentals right by learning how to make espresso, the proper way, through to enjoying the coffee drinks you want, served the way you like, in a social coffee environment. Why compromise? Who deserves the finer things in life more than you do?

If you like coffee, you’ve come to the right place.

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