How to Brew Great Coffee on Moccamaster | ECT Weekly #019

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100% Kona Coffee

What do we love about Moccamaster and how to brew a great cup of coffee with the machine?

Let us take you on the Moccamaster Factory Tour in this video:

# 10 Good (and Funny) Reasons To Brew Coffee With Moccamaster:




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  • MrAdf9uy

    I think red is the best color for Moccamaster. I would love to win this becouse my Aromaboy is not enough for the family, 🙂

    • luticia

      This is funny cause I’m transfering from Aromaboy to Moccamaster,too! Going to buy it tomorrow.

  • Erencan Begiç

    Wooden if available! But if not; matte black like yours. I need it because I need to calibrate and improve my manual brewing by comparing it with this quality machine!

    • Erencan Begiç

      help a med student through his preparation for the board exam! 🙂

    • Moccamaster

      Unfortunately the Moccamaster is not available in wood. But we are sure you can make a choice from all the other 15 colours 🙂

    • Erencan Begiç

      Moccamaster seems I made the hardest decision! Matte black would be great! 🙂

  • Suzanne den Daas

    Orange, because I’m Dutch and a barista, so I gotta represent both 😁

  • Liliya870

    Black is my happy colour 😉 so why me? Because every morning I wanna brew the most delicious coffee for me and my friends. I ‘m pretty sure Moccamaster can do it 🙂

  • Krzysiek Włodek

    Turquoise 👍 Why? Because coffee 😏

  • Tomáš Borůvka

    A) I would like black one
    B) Aeropress can’t handle amounts of coffee I make.

  • Hana Blahová

    a) black, b) because Rebelbean coffee would suits for it and I have it!

  • Sebastian Charęza

    Dear guys, it can be even fancy pink colour (even i’m a man) – it doesn’t matter. I just need a machine that could give me easy way to spread coffee culture in home or sometimes i could get it to work for more than 2 people like i can do in drip and also gives me chill. I love making coffee but sometimes i would just enjoy only cup of black sweetnes over wondering if i made every step of brewing right 🙂

  • Adam Holubovsky

    A) Matte black is the best B) It will not happen

  • Luka Zivkovic

    I would say Yellow because I need some sun here right now. And the reason why I would love to have this machine is to ensure that I can make you great coffee when you’ll be back to Bucharest. :’)

    • European Coffee Trip

      Awesome Luka! Can’t wait to meet you soon, it seems you travel more often than we do:)

  • Jarosław Adam

    I’d love to get black one, and I think I’m good person to win Moccamaster, because I’m very passionate home barista, who try to educate my polish friends and family what does it mean to drink really good coffee 🙂 If I win, I promise to make coffee fridays regularly in my house, and even now I can invite you on one of them 🙂 I hope, that you’ll be able to check new Moccamaster in Wroclaw 😉

  • Peter Pavlík

    Black one is my favourite. Why? Long-yearned-for coffee maschine!

  • Semih Selcuk Ozdemir

    I think black is really looking good!

  • Phil Meinen

    I have been looking into the black KBG 741 for a while now, but I just don’t have the spare money to be able to afford one. I have been hand grinding and brewing coffee with a Porlex and either the Aeropress or V60 for several years now. But I would love to step up my game with the Moccamaster. I have been following you guys for some time now and your coffee guides have become extremely useful in some cities including Berlin and Barcelona. Your latest video on Budapest came a little later for me though. But no hard feelings 🙂

    • European Coffee Trip

      Good to hear Phil! Hope you will have a chance to play with Moccamaster soon. Check our website to have the most up to date guide for all European cities:) Appreciate your support!!

  • European Coffee Trip

    CONTEST IS CLOSED NOW – watch our new video tonight to see the winner!
    Thank you for taking part in this contest! We are amazed by the amount of response we received.

  • Mr Curpo

    Nice video, I really want a Moccamaster for home use… just a great machine.

    • European Coffee Trip

      Awesome, we do recommend that. I believe you can buy it easily online so let us know when you have it:)

  • nouf ba fadhl

    reeedddd, i loved the vid <3

  • Bassam Takatkah

    Blue…because it is PEACE Colour…. Being late is better than not passing anyways..!! Well I have been to Soviet union, Canada, Belgium, Netherlands, Arabic gulf and Palestine (home country) and many other countries in the world, so I have bought many Coffee machines in each place I lived in, I roast coffee since 21 years, and I am the creater of the first kind of ink based on coffee “ink bean”…

  • Rudel Balatbat

    Black 😍😍😍

  • TuxKey

    I wanted to buy the one with the metal thermos and called them as I’m Dutch and live in the Netherland.
    But they recommend I don’t get the metal one but instead the glass one because I use it to brew for two people at home. Wish they made a few smaller models