Why Melbourne is a Coffee City

Posted on January 29, 2015 · Posted in Coffee Break

It’s not always an easy or rather an obvious thing to be famously recognized as the worlds best so and so or one of the best in a particular thing all over the world. For that reason when you hear sentences or phrases such as the worlds best so and so, you know that there are unique and specific extra- ordinary qualities that such places exhibit to enable them be branded such kind of prestigious names. As such we want to look at the features that a city should have so as to be known as an outstanding producer of coffee or a good coffee city. And the case of study here is Melbourne in Australia as a worlds coffee city.

Passion For Coffee

One of the factors that make Melbourne a coffee city is the passion that the residents of the city have for coffee. In most cases you will find that anybody who succeeds in a particular task always has got the passion for that thing. This is because one will tend to do such kind of activities passionately. They will be diligent, determined and dedicated to get the best out of them. The same scenario applies here.

The residents of Melbourne are passionate in their coffee production, they dedicate their time and energy to ensure that at the end of it they will actually get the best results. This can be manifested through various things such as their coffee related publications and even the fact that they host an annual coffee expo.


Another factor that can make a city be known world widely as a coffee city, is the general appearance of the city and may be the surroundings. Take for instance; in Melbourne they have got several divided villages that have got their own culture with which they find pleasure and satisfaction in. This shows that in every village in Melbourne, every village residence has a chance to openly participate in the coffee production and all other activities that are coffee-related. This in return leads to a more specialization in the coffee sector and as a result the development on the sector will be evident after a short period of time.

You also find that here, the most recommended drinks are typically latte or other coffee drinks with milk. When everybody consumes coffee and its products automatically, the producers market will be larger and internal competition will be higher this means that every party will be endeavoring to give their best. At long run what culminates is a much modified and well organized coffee city with variety of quality coffee products that when compared to the outside world they remain outstanding.


For a city to be well known for coffee. The residents should exhibit friendly qualities such as welcoming their foreign visitors cordially, helping them in one way or the other. Again they have to be friendly with the locals too. This is also positive as it results in a healthy competition that gets pleasing results. The residents in Melbourne are very friendly people, their cultures are bearable and enjoyable. This attracts outsiders and people from other cultures leading to the provision of varied activities.

Location, Location, Location

The geographical location of the city is another key issue that requires consideration. It must be located in a friendly environment with favorable climatic conditions. Take for instance the top places in Melbourne such as the pillar of salt, stasis café, captain of industry. They are located in a well placed geographical position and with amazing features. Areas such as the Yarra River. The Victoria state capital has buzzy waterfront districts, green parks, numerous art galleries and narrow alleys. All these with no second thought make the city more attractive.

A very substantial feature and one of the major features that such cities should have is unique and admirable buildings and coffee cafes. Melbourne in particular has got some of the very best coffee buildings and cafes. Their cafes are not just places for drinking but also exhibit numerous cultures and conversations for locals and visitors.

They are also detailed and accommodative as they have got everything from traditional Victorian style cottages to modern converted warehouse lofts. They are filled with decorative and creative types that are conducive and attractive to the locals and the visitors. We can also see Collingwood which is the Melbourne`s oldest neighborhood still crawling, but in an attractive way, with the 19th century building still in use as retail and apartment. Don’t you think this is attractive?


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