Vienna, The Ultimate Coffee City

Posted on March 12, 2015 · Posted in Coffee Break

Are you a coffee lover? Do you enjoy taking a cup of coffee in beautiful surroundings? If so, visiting Vienna should be at the top of your list.

Austria as a whole has been counted among one of the best coffee culture countries in the world. It is also known as the most popular nation with coffee houses. These coffee houses are usually called Cafes. Most of the coffee houses in Austria are particularly known for their great hospitality. This is because you can easily order for just one cup of coffee and spend the whole day without being asked to spend more or leave!

Coffee and Austrian History

Historically, coffee is known to be served in Austria since the 17th century. The coffee house is practically an institution that has played a great role in shaping Viennese tradition and culture. In this regard, the Viennese coffee house can be likened to Tapas in Spain, Pubs in Greece and an English pub in Ireland and England.

According to history, when Vienna was liberated from the Turkish siege in 1683 by the soldiers of the Polish-Habsburg army, a number of sacks with beans were found. These beans were considered camel feed and the soldiers of the Polish-Habsburg army wanted to burn them. Fortunately, the Polish king gave out the beans to one of the officers who finally started the first coffee house in Vienna today. The officer carried out some series of experiments and finally added milk and sugar, and the Viennese coffee culture came into existence. Based on the officer’s achievement, respect and Kudos was given to him through the hanging of a picture in several modern Viennese coffee houses.

The Coffee Culture

Apart from drinking, there are other things that people do in these coffee houses. You can simply buy a cup of coffee and sit down to enjoy music all through the day. In fact, you will not find the waiters hovering over your head for just buying one cup of coffee.

You can as well read, deliberate on life issues, play, debate, gossip and observe other passersby in the cafe. Some people can buy a cup of coffee and watch the world go by or watch the streets. To be candid, so many writers have been able to hatch out their great works from these coffee houses.

The modern day coffee houses in Vienna often organize social events such as literary readings or the playing of piano music. Such culture and coffee sit seamlessly together in Vienna.

It’s All About The Taste Of The Coffee

One great reason for considering Vienna as the home of coffee throughout the world is based on taste. Viennese coffee has been found as the best in the world due to its taste. The taste of coffee in Austria corresponds to the water taste in Vienna. Records have shown that the tap/drinking water in Vienna flows from the mountain springs found in the lower Austrian Alps. The water has a different, unique and distinct taste. For this reason, the taste of coffee is different from the rest part of the world.

There are several types of coffee served in Vienna today. This can be found in the likes of Filterkaffee, Fiaker, Espresso, Eiskaffee, Einspänner, Doppelter, Doppelspänner, Cappuccino, Brauner, and Biedermeier. With your selection over the listed options, you are sure to find the best coffee in Vienna. Simply select your choice and have fun.

There are several places that visitors can visit after arriving in Vienna and looking for a coffee house. Visitors can easily find places like Kleines Café, Café Drechsler, Halle, Le Bol, Café Sperl, Daniel bakery, Café Berg, Manameierei just to mention a few. With so much choice and so much to see, one visit just doesn’t seem enough.


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