Green Coffee.

If you wish to enjoy the pure essence of coffee, then you will drink green coffee. Widely considered, that the pure essence of coffee lies in its raw form, green coffee always contain unroasted coffee beans.

Green Coffee:- Health Benefits

Chlorogenic acid, the most essential ingredient of coffee, potentially offers a lot of health benefits. Of the various types of coffee, this one contains an increased amount of chlorogenic acid in comparison with regular, roasted coffee beans. When minerals and vitamins do not get broken down properly, the human body can get affected in an adverse manner.

This particular acid however, helps to solve this issue. This natural phytochemical is a powerful antioxidant that will efficiently fight against free radicals and also regulate the use and absorption of glucose into the bloodstream.

Other types of beans like black coffee beans, since they are roasted beans, will have lower levels of chlorogenic acid. This in turn means that the associated health benefits will also be reduced.

If you are already a regular coffee drinker, you may wish to consider changing over to green coffee. With a reputation for a smooth taste, more people than not should consider it at least an equal to their regular choice. Added to which, regular consumption may help with a number of health problems like diabetes, hypertension and heart diseases.

Other potential benefits like anti aging properties, improved digestion and an increased metabolism also contribute towards the rising popularity of this type of coffee.

Green Coffee:- Weight Loss

Why are people showing great enthusiasm towards the weight loss properties of green coffee?

Since this type of coffee beans contain an increased amount of chlorogenic acid, the metabolic rate of regular users will be kept at an optimal rate and it will also control the release of glucose into the bloodstream. As a resultant factor, the fat burning process will accelerate meaning people should rapidly start losing weight.

Unsurprisingly, this has helped create the green coffee bean diet, which, as diets go, has several advantages. The main ones being, it’s not very complicated and most people on it would be following it’s advice without being asked i.e. drinking five to six cups of coffee a day. Thus helping to optimise their fat burning process.

There should be no serious side effects from consuming this coffee, however, minor side effects like dizziness, rapid heart rate and fluctuating glucose levels have been reported when people consume, what is known as, “inappropriate levels” of this coffee. Although, the suspicion is that these symptoms would occur with inappropriate levels of any coffee! Normally, these symptoms are short-lived and they will vanish after a short period of time. If not, seek appropriate medical attention!

Green Coffee:- Extracts And Supplements

As stated earlier, green coffee bean extracts come from the unroasted beans. It is always advisable to purchase pure extract that does not contain fillers, binders and artificial ingredients. The most recommended dosage is 1200 mg per day (400 mg each, three times a day) and they should be consumed 30 minutes prior to each meal.

Top quality supplements always contain at least 42% to 50% chlorogenic acid and they are available in the form of capsules, pills and liquid form as well.

Green Coffee:- Conclusion

All unwanted side effects that can be associated with caffeine can be kept at a low level because this type of coffee contains a reduced amount of caffeine in comparison with other types of coffee beans. All these benefits clearly explain the logic behind the increasing popularity of green coffee.

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