Arabica vs Robusta.

All coffee lovers will be deeply interested to know about the topic, ‘Arabica vs Robusta’. It is a well known fact that both these plants account for the entire commercial coffee production in the world and differences between Arabica and Robusta can be classified as physical, genetical and chemical.

The height of Arabica plants will be around 2.5 to 4.5 meters and in the case of Robusta, it will be somewhere around 4.5 to 6.5 meters. Arabica definitely requires a rainfall of 1200 millimeter per year for proper growth and 2200 to 3000 mm per year rainfall is essential for Robusta.

Cost of production will always be higher for Arabica and the shape of the coffee bean is different as well. Arabica coffee beans are having an elliptical shape and the Robusta beans can be described as round-shaped.

Arabica vs Robusta:- Stimulate The Senses

Most people have always considered the flavor and smell of Arabica as the best in comparison with Robusta. The smell of pre-roasted Arabica coffee beans can always be compared with the smell of blueberries and the smell of Robusta coffee beans has good similarity to the smell of oats or peanuts with a grainy and nutty fragrance. The flavor of Arabica can be described as smooth and mellower while Robusta has a strong, some would say a hard flavor.

Caffeine contents as well as chlorogenic acid in Robusta will be much higher than Arabica and as far as sugar and lipid contents are concerned Robusta falls short in comparison with Arabica. Various studies about Arabica vs Robusta clearly suggest that in terms of production, Arabica accounts for approximately 80 percent and Robusta 20 percent of the worlds production.

Arabica coffee plants can be found at high altitudes in semitropical climates near the equator (eastern as well as western hemisphere) and Robusta trees grow well at low altitudes, especially in eastern hemisphere. As a beverage coffee stands second to water only. Roasted smell of Arabica plants is perfumery with sugary tones and fruity notes.

Different types of coffee are produced using both these coffee beans and more and more innovative ways of making quality coffee have been coming out as well. All studies about Arabica vs Robusta clearly assert the fact that Majority of people prefer Arabica because of the captivating smell and taste.

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