Types Of Coffee.

Are you curious and perhaps a little confused about the different types of coffee now available? Well first things first, it should be worthwhile to define exactly what is meant by the question. Do you mean the different types of coffee bean available or the increasingly varied types of coffee drinks being offered for your drinking pleasure? Lets deal with both.

Types Of Coffee:- Arabica Or Robusta

For domestic consumption there are two types of coffee bean available, Arabica and Robusta, both now increasingly available as an organic coffee option.

Arabica production is approximately four times that of Robusta and as you would expect the taste and texture of them is noticeably different. The following page has been created for a much more detailed comparison of arabica vs robusta.

Types Of Coffee:- The Coffee Culture

Turning our attention now to coffee drinks, we have a large and getting larger, selection to choose from. Espresso, cappuccino, latte, mocha and frappuccino to name but five. Just when you have taken that information on board you are then presented with another raft of options, skinny this, flavored that and all potentially iced! It can look intimidating and because of this, there have been some radical proposals to deal with the situation.

One national chain of department stores in the United Kingdom has given a trial to changing the menu in it’s Cafe from espresso, cappuccino and latte to black coffee, milky coffee with froth and very milky coffee! Hard to argue with from a purely scientific point of view and according to the press release, done with the intent of simplifying the order process for customers, but…

Coffee drinking is and should be an experience. It’s a few minutes in your busy day to relax, wind down, regain an inner calmness before you take on the day again.

Do you remember that scene from the James Bond movie Moonraker, when Drax, the bad guy, welcomed Bond, Roger Moore, at the start of the movie with England’s one indisputable contribution to civilised behaviour, afternoon tea? Would that have had the same impact if instead he had offered chopped, dried leaves mixed with boiling water and left for three minutes? I think not.

It may not be instinctive, but it doesn’t take long to learn the basics and it’s fun to try.

For further information on the types of coffee, look here for a more detailed summary of both the newer inventions and some of the more traditional coffee drinks.

Types Of Coffee:- Something Different

Preceding just about anything with the word “green”, implies positive attributes, like healthy, natural and consideration. Does that still apply when you place green in front of coffee? Well, something positive is happening. Green coffee is finding converts on a daily basis. So why are these people switching? What is so good about green coffee?

The heading says “Something Different” and this really is. Fresh from the movie The Bucket List and the Oprah Winfrey show, our take on, civet coffee.


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