Taipei, Coffee City Of The World

Posted on September 23, 2014 · Posted in Coffee Break

The coffee culture in Taipei is a true delight as great coffee is an integral part of Taiwan’s heritage. This is seen to best effect in Taipei, where the combination of freshly roasted, high quality beans and slow labor-intensive brewing methods make this place, a hot coffee city.

The History Of Coffee In Taipei

Many people say that today, Taiwan’s coffee culture is experiencing a renaissance. The coffee culture of this place dates back to its colonial past. Taiwan was a Dutch colony from 1642 and 1662. The Dutch people are the ones who planted coffee trees and brought coffee beans to this country. In 1895, Japan captured Taiwan and they realized that the subtropical climate of this country was perfect for growing coffee. They started planting coffee in Taiwan so that they could send coffee back to Japan.

Another milestone in Taiwan’s coffee culture occurred in 1949 when the Chinese nationalists set up their government in-exile after having lost the civil war and a Russian citizen known as George Elsner, who came with the Chinese people, started the Astoria café in Hsimenting. Visiting a café was an expensive thing for the common Taiwanese from 1950 to 1980 but the economic revival in 1990s and the resultant launch of a series of coffee chain outlets made coffee immensely popular among the Taiwanese people.

Why Should A Coffee Lover Visit Taipei?

Today, there are more than 2000 coffee shops in Taipei alone and all the leading chain stores have opened their outlets in Taiwan. The café culture of Taipei can be described as extremely strong and an ardent coffee lover can find different sources to taste different types of coffee.

There are convenience stores, fast food places, chain coffee shops and specialty cafes to choose from. Sometimes all that matters is speed and if this is the situation you find yourself in, then visit a convenience store, options available include black coffee, cappuccinos and lattes.

In fast food places, you can enjoy all the standard drinks and when you visit chain coffee shops like Starbucks and Dante coffee, you can enjoy all the leading varieties of coffee available in any part of the world.

A distinctive character and hipster vibe can always be associated with specialty cafes and you can select from an extensive menu of coffee drinks.

Taiwanese in general prefer brewed coffee drinks over espresso and the high quality coffee beans in Taipei are always freshly roasted. People in this region depend on slower brewing to generate the best flavor and if you want to enjoy sun-dried and honey-processed coffee with a mellow taste, you cannot find a better place than Taipei.

Where Should You Go To Enjoy The Best Coffee?

There are a good number of places to select from. Some of the leading coffee shops in Taipei include Fortress Café, Fong Da Coffee, La Crema, Drop Coffee House, Lugou Café, Café Libero, Haaya’s Coffee and Barden Farmstead. The ambiance, quality and variety available in these shops is truly captivating with the rich taste of coffee transporting you into a different world from the one you are familiar with.

Taipei is a paradise for all ardent coffee lovers and the coffee shops available in this city offer a surreal tasting experience for the visitor. Great coffee is a part of Taiwan’s national heritage and Taipei will teach you how to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee with grace and with inimitable style.


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