Social Coffee – The Most Popular Way Of Drinking Coffee

Posted on January 14, 2013 ยท Posted in Coffee Break

Though coffee has a rich tradition of history of more than thousands of years the concept of social coffee has become popular within a span a few hundred years. Meeting up regularly for drinking coffee is a common sight in these days and this beverage goes in complete harmony with the requirements of fast-paced life in the modern world. The taste, smell and the caffeine effect of this unique drink cannot be emulated and the rising popularity of coffee reasserts this aspect without a shadow of doubt.


Social Coffee:- Where It All Started


Past records suggest that in 1475, coffee was served in public for the first time and the name of the coffee shop was Kiva Han, located in Constantinople. Black, strong and unfiltered coffee was a huge craze in those days and adding sweeteners and cream with coffee became popular in Europe around early part of 16th century.

The popularity of coffee shops gradually spread all over the world and the appeal of coffee in a social setting was clearly evident in the New York based Tontine Coffee House (1792) because major business of the New York Stock Exchange was conducted in this coffee house.


Social Coffee:- Modern Times


Regular coffee was being served till the introduction of espresso in 1946 and the Gaggia coffee bar in Italy was the first coffee bar to use espresso machines. That was the beginning of the age of modern coffee houses and since then, various companies have come up with different types of coffee like Mocha, Filter coffee, Macchiato, Frappuccino, Latte, French press, Cappuccino and many more. More and more innovative variations are being introduced on a consistent basis and the affinity of the people towards coffee drinks is going reach new heights in the immediate future.

Apart from the taste, smell and health benefits of coffee, ethical coffee concepts have also played an important role in making coffee stand taller among other drinks because environmental friendly growing methods will always encourage better living for all human beings. All these aspects reassert the fact that the concept of social coffee has gained immense popularity in these days.


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