Semi-Automatic Coffee Machine

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Buying a semi-automatic coffee machine should always be treated as a considerable investment of money. With various manufacturers now having come up with so many different types of coffee machines, the process of selecting the best machine has become a difficult task.

Several factors will have to be taken into consideration before making the final decision. Important ones are listed below.

Semi-Automatic Coffee Machine:- Different Types

These types of machines can be classified into three categories, single boiler dual use machines, single boiler heat exchanger machines and dual boiler machines.

Dual use machines normally contain one boiler and two or more thermostats. One thermostat will be used to control the temperature of water for brewing coffee. The second one will be utilized to produce steam for steaming milk. These machines will not be able to perform both steaming and brewing simultaneously, however, with the touch of a button, transition from one to the other will take place.

Heat exchanger coffee makers will keep the water temperature at around 240F to produce steam and the brewing water passes through a coiled tube (heat exchanger), located inside the boiler to reach the grouphead. Both steaming and brewing can be done simultaneously.

Dual boiler coffee makers are costly machines and they possess two independent boilers, namely a boiler and a thermoblock. Consumers will be able to steam and brew at the same time when they use these machines.

Semi-Automatic Coffee Machine:- Important Features

Better control over the brewing process

Users can decide when to turn off and activate the pump, thereby maintaining complete control over the water flow for every coffee. This process differs from an automatic coffee machine where, the machine decides when to end the shot. Depending on you own particular taste and preferences, sometimes the machine will end the shot too soon. Semi-automatic machines will allow people to run the pump longer before they press the switch to stop. In a nutshell, you have better control over the brewing process with a semi-automatic coffee machine.

Maintaining good temperature

Semi-automatic machines will always maintain an optimal brewing temperature because they will turn on the heating element inside automatically whenever the machine identifies a drop in the boiler temperature. Consumers who really love to learn about the art of brewing, normally prefer these types of coffee makers.

Efficient regulation of the pump pressure

Semi-automatic coffee machines will always make sure there is consistent pressure on the bed of coffee, by properly regulating and maintaining the pump pressure. People will have to push water through the coffee when they use a manual machine. This can result in a wide variety of tastes in the cup. Those, who love a consistent taste, would usually choose a semi-automatic coffee maker.


A third thermometer, basically a safety thermometer, is another feature of these types of machine. Should the main thermometer malfunction and/or the temperature passes 255F, the safety thermometer should register this and allow the machine to be brought safely under control.

Price range

The price of the semi-automatic coffee makers starts around the $200 mark. Although, the cost of some of the advanced versions can go up to a fairly hefty $3000.

Semi-Automatic Coffee Machine:- Conclusion

If there is one thing that separates coffee drinkers from the rest of the world, it is their willingness to experiment with their drinks. They are seemingly always looking for ways to tweak and differentiate. With that in mind, a semi-automatic coffee machine could be the perfect option for such an espresso lover.

The fact that these machines offer better control over the subtleties of the end product makes them all the more endearing. For example, in comparison with an automatic machine, semi automatics definitely need a steam wand to froth the milk and mastering the steam wand always takes some time. When you do master the art of frothing with the steam wand, the end result is individual to you because you were an integral part of the process. The better you become, the more captivating the coffee that you can make.

Taking into account the above considerations, the Breville BES900XL Dual Boiler Semi Automatic Coffee Machine would seem to be a worthwhile choice.

Breville BES900XL Dual Boiler Semi Automatic Coffee Machine


Why do so many discerning consumers rate the Breville BES900XL Dual Boiler Semi Automatic coffee machine as one of the best coffee makers available in the market? Most people always prefer a coffee machine that offers perfect control of the brewing process. This is simply because such a coffee maker will always help them make highly delicious coffee that meets their individual requirements. That is exactly what happens with the Breville BES900XL.

Some of the features like electronic precise temperature control (PID), LCD display that shows the timer for start-up and shut-down, heated grouphead, heat exchanger and the ability to tweak a wide range of settings play an important role in making this machine hugely popular. Although, it is probably the dual boiler setup that truly separates this machine from other models available in the market. One boiler will make the brewing process hassle free and the other one will perform the process of steaming the milk. People will be able to steam and brew simultaneously with this machine safe in the knowledge that the electronic PID will always ensure a precise water temperature.

Other notable features include improved thermal stability and the over-pressure valve which always ensures optimal extraction. The backlit LCD display will clearly show the brew temperature, shot time, shot volume, start time, duration of pre-infusion even during the wee hours of morning. The quality steam wand makes the process of milk steaming truly uncomplicated as well.

The exterior of this coffee maker is made with highly durable stainless steel and the electronic pad makes the process of controlling power, temperature, duration and volume extremely convenient for the consumer. Controlling the shot temperature and volume can be done by pressing a few buttons and based on individual requirements; a suitable temperature level between 190 and 210 Degrees Fahrenheit can be selected.

Since each component of the Breville BES900XL semi-automatic machine ensures seamless operation, coffee lovers will be able to enjoy quality beverages. The entire package also consists of a useful one year supply of filters, tamper, cleaning tablets and frothing jug.

One drawback of this coffee machine is that it can be a bit expensive for a person who only drinks one or two cups a week. At the same time however, the long term benefits of this coffee maker makes the price factor less significant. The build quality should ensure that you wont have to worry about replacing this machine after a few months like some of the lower priced alternatives. Perhaps you’ve experienced this particular issue before?

The bottom line is that full control over the brewing process allows you to make the coffee you like. The Breville BES900XL Dual Boiler Semi Automatic coffee machine offers high quality coffee with a captivating aroma in the comfort of your own home.


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