Reasons Why Seattle Is Considered A Coffee City

Posted on December 6, 2014 · Posted in Coffee Break

Located besides the Pacific Ocean and near a lake, Seattle is not only a magnificently beautiful city to visit but a must destination to all coffee lovers. Seattle is a sea port city with a lot to offer, dabbed as the city of flowers and emeralds due to its magical beauty it is also popularly known as the coffee city in America due to the great coffee made and served in its numerous coffee cafes hotels and restaurants. Every cup of coffee you take in this wonderful place is like a pack of flavored fun that you unleash as you take your favorite coffee.

The History Of Seattle

Traditionally inhabited by the natives of America, Seattle city has a rich history and coffee drinking go back in time to those gone days. The people of Seattle have worked hard to maintain and keep their coffee drinking culture by making it the most superb drink, not just in the local area, but arguably the entire continent.

From the most simple road cafes in the streets of Seattle to the stylish and high class hotels and restaurants found in the heart of the city, there is a platform for coffee lovers to experiment with the different kinds of coffee. Soon to find one that will sooth their hearts and please their tongues.

The drink is served how the customer likes it, may it be the indigenous way of black coffee no sugars no cream to the new modern world with all kinds of flavors and tastes. Apart from the coffee cafes where you can sit in comfort and enjoy your coffee there are many joint where you can get coffee served in take away cups making sure you can still relish your drink at a place of your choice.

Places To Visit

For those who have coffee as their first love, Seattle is the place for you to be, but be rest assured that you will defiantly fall in love again with the coffee served here. The coffee makers are in constant competition to provide the best coffee in town and this works to the benefit of the consumers for they get the best quality coffee at a low prize.

If you are asking yourself where to go when you get to Seattle city, need not to worry. There are many coffee cafes and joints where you can visit and get the drink of your life. For those that love music Seattle city has not left you behind, there are many music clubs along Jackson Street that not only offer music but sell coffee giving you an opportunity to listen to the music as you seep from a big mug of coffee.

Once you visit Seattle city settle for the best coffee by visiting the Capitol Hill cafe which brew cold coffee, the Empire espresso bar for fresh brews, the Herkimer’s coffee bars found in various places around town and the Slate coffee bar.

Seattle, a beautiful city with an abundance of interesting and stimulating places to enjoy top quality coffee. What coffee lover won’t want to spend time here?


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