New Coffee Maker from Lithuania [first review] | ECT Weekly #014

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100% Kona Coffee

Bro is a coffee maker designed and created in Lithuania. We received it as a gift from its creator, Emanuelis Ryklys, who runs a filter coffee bar called CNACS (Crooked Nose & Coffee Stories).

We were really excited to test this wooden coffee brewer made out of wood with black linen filter. The visual presentation was incredible and coffee … you have to try it!

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  • Crooked Nose & Coffee Stories

    European Coffee Trip people thanks for such a great review! We’d also add that we tried to make BRO a sustainable product from natural local materials. And talking about tastes – after testing a lot we end up with our linen filter which lets through much more oils into your cup compering to paper filters. And gives much more body and smoothness to your daily dark drink. Enjoy and play!

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