National Coffee Day

Posted on February 25, 2014 · Posted in Coffee Break

Why have a National Coffee Day? Why, because it matters, it has world wide importance and should be celebrated. Did you know that coffee is the second most sold commodity in the world? Yes, it is second only to oil.

National Coffee Day:- Fair Trade Initiative

With its many benefits, like keeping you awake and reduced risks of Alzheimer, coffee intake has been increasing over the years. This has prompted the need to keep aside one day of the calendar and celebrate coffee, which is the most consumed drink in the world. National Coffee Day is all about venerating coffee drinking. Not only that, but this day is also meant to promote Fair Trade Coffee Awareness.

This initiative takes notice and appreciates coffee farmers. The initiative also ensures that coffee beans are ecologically grown, and that the coffee farmers (mainly in the developing countries) are fairly paid for their wages. The aim is to appreciate coffee drinking, and the coffee itself.

National Coffee Day:- Goes Unnoticed, But…

An annually observed celebration, National Coffee Day is an event that goes unnoticed in most countries. This is because there is no one particular day to celebrate Coffee Day – different countries have different dates.

Despite the different dates, the events are similar. On this particular day, a slew of freebies are offered by many businesses. For example, some coffee shops offer discounted or free cups of coffee. Why not take advantage?

National Coffee Day:- Origins

Although the origin of National Coffee Day is not much clear, it is believed that the first country to finally appreciate coffee and actually set a date to celebrate this popular drink was Japan.

Japan’s coffee association group (All Japan Coffee Association) promoted and celebrated the first ‘International Coffee Day’ back in 1983.

In the United States, National Coffee Day was first publicly mentioned in 2005. Later on, in 2009, on October 3, the New Orleans Coffee Festival made this day even more popular to the public. Since then, US and a few other countries have been celebrating National Coffee Day on September 29 every year.

Some of these other countries include Canada, England, Malaysia, Sweden, and the mother country where coffee was first discovered centuries ago, Ethiopia. Legend has it that the coffee bean was discovered by a goat herder in ancient Abyssinia – the present Ethiopia – around 800 BC. The legendary fable credits the goat farmer for having noticed that his goats became jittery every time they ate the berries of a particular plant. The plant was later used by the locals to keep them awake.

The Arabs popularized coffee drinking, spreading across Asia, Europe and to America – now serving more than 125 million human beings across the globe.

Such historical facts are some of the things people get to learn during this national holiday. Whether you prefer lattes, espresso, cappuccinos or americanos, National Coffee Day is the day to appreciate this beverage, and maybe have one for free at some participating coffee shops.

National Coffee Day:- The Future Is Bright

National Coffee Day has always gained recognition outside the United States. This day has always been important and its success increases one year after the other.

There has been no concrete answer to why the dates of celebrating Coffee Day differ, but the future is looking bright, where the whole world would be celebrating coffee in one particular day.


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