How To Make Vietnamese Coffee.

Learning how to make Vietnamese coffee takes a little time and effort, but for most people this up front investment will be well worthwhile.

The most essential ingredients for making this type of coffee include Vietnamese coffee filter, water, condensed milk and coffee with chicory (the most preferred) although this is not essential as many people enjoy this coffee without chicory as well. The deep flavor of Vietnamese coffee plays the most important role in popularising this coffee and it can be made quite easy at home.

Normally, this coffee comes in one of two options, hot and iced. Condensed milk and chicory are primarily responsible for the sweet and strong flavor of this coffee with the uniqueness of the Vietnamese coffee filter, in comparison with other filters and presses, being a hot topic of discussion.

The method of brewing makes this coffee incredibly bold, strong and rich. Possibly down to the shape of Vietnamese coffee filter which can be compared to the shape of a hat. This filter will sit upon the top of the coffee cup and it consists of chamber, exclusively meant for keeping coffee. There is a separate space in the filter, allocated for the hot water.

How To Make Vietnamese Coffee:- The Instructions

1) 1/3 cup of the condensed milk will have to be poured into the pot. People, who prefer more sweetness and cream, will have to add a little more condensed milk.

2) Top of the coffee filter will have to be unscrewed for loading the coffee.

3) Three tablespoons of coffee with chicory should be added. If there is no chicory needed 3.5 tablespoons of regular coffee will have to be added.

4) Screw it down after the interior press is being placed back and it should be done until the grounds are properly packed.

5) Vietnamese coffee filter should be kept on the top of the coffee cup and pour one cup of boiling water over the top. Water will flow through the coffee grounds before reaching the cup.

6) After having unscrewed the interior press, pour water again so that the filter is full.

7) Cap should be replaced and allow the water to filter through. This process will go on for five minutes.

8) Once the water filters through completely, take out the coffee filter.

9) The condensed milk and coffee should be mixed. Some people prefer cold Vietnamese coffee and they will allow the coffee to cool at room temperature. After that, ice should be added to make cold coffee.

How To Make Vietnamese Coffee:- Conclusion

Vietnamese coffee has become hugely popular all around the world because of its strong and unique flavor, which is an excellent reason for you to learn how to make Vietnamese coffee.

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