How To Make Turkish Coffee, The Perfect Combination Of Strength And Flavor.

It’s true, there are many different coffee making skills to chose from, so why learn how to make Turkish coffee rather than any type? The answer? Well, it depends what you are after.

Turkish coffee is a strong and flavorful coffee which has a rich tradition of history. Part of that includes the possibly unique aspect that Turkish coffee can be associated with ‘fortune telling’. After having consumed Turkish coffee, people will turn the cup over in its saucer to allow the coffee to drip down inside the cup and fortune telling will be done, based on the different patterns formed.

Finest coffee ground will be used and a long handled copper pot or ibrik or cezve is the most essential component required to make this coffee. Other ingredients required include water, sugar and a heat source. Both coffee and water should be boiled together after having added the required amount of sugar. Small cups known as Demitasse are used to serve this type of coffee and people often make use of cardamom pods or spices to make the taste of this coffee rich and varied.

How To Make Turkish Coffee:- The Procedure

The relatively simple procedure of making fine quality Turkish coffee is given below:

1) Pour two cups of cold water into the coffee pot (for making two cups of coffee).

2) Add an extra half cup for the pot. It is being done for the physics behind how it works.

3) Add the required amount of sugar according to individual preference and stir well.

4) Two tablespoons of finely ground coffee should be added to the solution and mixed in well.

5) Place the pot on the fire source and heat the pot in a slow manner.

6) When the froth is formed remove the pot from the heat and share the coffee between two cups so that both cups are about a quarter full. It is being done to distribute the froth forming on the top of the pot.

7) Place the pot on the heat again to boil the coffee.

8) Remove the pot and top up the cups.

How To Make Turkish Coffee:- Conclusion

When people make fine quality Turkish coffee, the thick layer of coffee grounds can always be found at the bottom the cup. Many people use this coffee after dinner, to spend quality time with family members and relatives. That’s why it is worthwhile learning how to make Turkish coffee> Captivating flavor? Yes. Coffee strength? Yes. Social occasion? Yes yes yes.

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