How To Make Iced Coffee.

Since iced coffee has been a favorite drink for a huge number of people the question, ‘how to make iced coffee’, has always generated great amount of interest. In summer days, this type of coffee provides the much required refreshment and people with a hot disposition always consider iced coffee as the best drink available.

It cannot be described as a new sensation because in the 17th century, Viennese people had started using iced coffee. A French invention known as Mazagran also had great similarities with iced coffee. In those days strong coffee, lemon and ice were used to make Mazagran.

An extensive online search will help people familiarize themselves with how to make iced coffee, but over and above that, what people really want are different ways to make this beverage unique. Some people are of the opinion that making iced coffee is a simple process and according to them, mixing coffee with ice will provide the best result. This perception can be described as a wrong one. It ignores best practice and a proper technique.

Clean water, suitable grind size, correct brew temperature and great coffee are absolutely essential to make truly unique and extremely tasty iced coffee. It is always advisable to leave the coffee at room temperature for sometime before refrigerating or icing. Such a method will enhance the taste of the coffee.

How To Make Iced Coffee:- The Procedure

1) Using two tablespoons of dark-roasted ground, a pot of fresh coffee will have to be brewed.
2) Pour the coffee into a carafe
3) Keep the coffee at room temperature for 4 to 5 hours. Another option available is to refrigerate coffee for the duration of two to three hours.
4) A glass should be filled to the rim with ice
5) Stir the coffee to make the temperatures of both components equal.

How To Make Iced Coffee:- Serving Tips

1) It can be served by adding different types of milk like whole milk, fat-free milk or a combination of both, depending on the requirement of the people.
2) Cream also can be added or a mixture of cream and milk can also be used . Flavored coffee creamers available in the market can be added as well.
3) It can be served by adding sugar or other sweeteners.
4) Raspberry, vanilla, lemon zest, ginger, orange and coconut are all popular additions to make your iced coffee taste differently.

How To Make Iced Coffee:- An All Year Round Drink

The popularity of iced coffee has always been on the rise and it cannot be confined as a drink for summer season only. This unique beverage is for all seasons and these methods will help people to have a better understanding about how to make iced coffee, enjoy.

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