How To Make Greek Coffee.

Ardent lovers of coffee will always be curious to find an answer to the question, ‘how to make Greek coffee’. Though a good number of people describe Turkish coffee as Greek coffee there are differences between these two types of coffee. The major difference is that Turkish coffee gets roasted higher in comparison with Greek coffee and normally, people do not add spices to the Greek coffee.

How To Make Greek Coffee:- You Will Need

Products and equipment required to make Greek coffee include cold water, demitasse cups, briki (pot used to make Greek coffee), finely ground coffee beans, water glasses and sugar (optional). Foam can always be found on the top of Greek coffee and grounds can be seen on the bottom of the cup as well.

Those who, are in love with strong brew, will be really delighted to have this coffee and there are different variations of Greek coffee, based on the level of sweetness. Some of the popular variations include Sketos, Metrios, Glykos and Vary Glykos.

How To Make Greek Coffee:- Instructions

Here are the easy and simple step by step instructions to make Greek coffee:

1) Measure 1 cup of cold water using the demitasse cup.

2) Pour this water into the briki.

3) When the water becomes hot (just before begins to boil) add sugar and coffee in the respective order. One tablespoon of sugar can be added for medium sweetness and two tablespoons can be added for more sweetness.

4) Stir to dissolve the sugar and coffee and do not overdo it.

5) Reduce the flame of the stove to medium-low level till the coffee begins to bubble.

6) Wait till the foam rises to the top and add one tablespoon of foam into each cup.

7) Pour the remaining coffee into the cup.

How To Make Greek Coffee:- Final Thoughts

Greek coffee can always be described as delicious as well as mysterious and the taste can be altered by changing the amount of sugar. A huge number of people have become ardent fans of this strong coffee and the traditional way of consuming Greek coffee is to consume it in very slow manner. So now you know how to make Greek coffee and also, why you should make it!

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