How To Make French Press Coffee?.

The rich and full-bodied flavor of French press coffee really motivates a growing number of people to learn how to make French press coffee. Usually described as a 19th century French invention, the French press coffee maker will facilitate the ideal way of making quality coffee in a cost effective manner.

In addition to the French press coffee maker, other things that are required to make French press coffee include a heat source, coarse coffee beans, water and sugar. It is always advisable to keep the water temperature in between 195 and 200 degrees F for making a perfect cup of French coffee.

With this coffee maker, people will have a firm control over the entire coffee making process. This simple coffee machine can even be used to prepare coffee on the dining table itself. Drip coffee makers are extremely popular for speed and convenience and many will testify that the robust flavor of espresso is unmatched. That said, perhaps French press coffee makers will actually bridges the gap between the two.

How To Make French Press Coffee:- The Steps

Coffee lovers can make their own recipes by changing the quantity of the ingredients and one tablespoon of ground coffee for each 4 ounces of water is the normally advocated dosage. Here are the easy and simple steps of making French press coffee:

1) Boil the required quantity of water using a fire source.

2) Grind coffee beans as required

3) The French press should be preheated by filling it with warm water.

4) Boiled water should be kept at room temperature for allowing it to cool down to a temperature level in between 195 to 200 degrees F.

5) Remove the warm water from the coffee maker before adding coffee beans.

6) Pour small amount of warm water to wet them and allow the fresh coffee to expand.

7) Pour the remaining water and stir before placing the plunger over the press. Do not press it down.

8) Allow the brewing process to take place for three to four minutes.

9) The plunger should be pushed in a gradual manner.

How To Make French Press Coffee:- Conclusion

Making French press coffee can be described as more of an art than science and the final result will be an extremely delicious and rich coffee with a great amount of refinement and elegance. Think of discovering how to make French press coffee as learning an artistic way of making coffee.

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