How To Make Espresso.

How to make espresso? A lot of people ask this question without having a basic understanding of what espresso is all about. It has nothing to do with blend, bean or roast. Espresso is a way of making coffee by shooting hot water with high pressure through finely ground coffee.

The word ‘espresso’ originated from the Italian word ‘espress’ and past records suggest that Luigi Bezzera is the person who invented this machine in the year 1901. Since then this machine has undergone tremendous amount of transformation. The modern espresso maker also known as Barista can make cream on top coffee with dark brown color and it will be uniquely thick as well. Espresso coffee machines can be easily purchased from the marketplace and the most suitable coffee bean for an espresso shot is Arabica.

How To Make Espresso:- A 5 Step Process

One shot of espresso can be defined as one ounce and double shot will be equivalent to two ounces. Various espresso machines are available to meet the requirements of different people and some machines will be able to deliver four shots at a time. Here are step by step and easy to follow instructions to make espresso coffee:

1) After having made sure that boiler cap is properly placed, the water chamber of the coffee machine should be filled with clean water.
2) Placing the basket in the filter holder is the next step and pack the ground coffee in lightly. The filter should have a measure for the amount of espresso to be made.
3) Before placing the filter holder, any grounds on the top and sides of the filter should be removed.
4) The machine should be switched on only after placing the glass carafe under the spout.
5) Twenty seconds later… enjoy!



How To Make Espresso:- Conclusion

A great number of people have become ardent fans of espresso and the taste, cream, aroma and fullness of the body of espresso coffee can be described as truly inimitable. That is why a good number of people say that making espresso is a combination of art and science. All these aspects will help people to form an idea about how to make espresso in the best possible manner.

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