How To Make Cuban Coffee.

Why do so many people exhibit so much enthusiasm for learning how to make Cuban coffee?

Well, the intense and sweet taste of Cuban coffee is the best explanation that can be given behind the tremendous affinity of the people towards this unique beverage. It has become an unavoidable part of different cultural and social events and the process of making Cuban coffee can best be described as a perfect blend of art and science.

The products and equipment required to prepare Cuban coffee include stovetop espresso maker, coffee grounds, glass cup, demitasse cups and sugar. Coffee lovers will make this coffee with the utmost care and attention. It is not extremely delicious by accident.

How To Make Cuban Coffee:- Here are the easy to follow steps to prepare Cuban coffee

1) The bottom area of the espresso machine should be unscrewed to pour fresh and cold water and the water level should be kept in line with the over-pressure plug of the coffee maker.

2) Coffee grounds (preferably authentic Cuban coffee beans or dark roasted Colombian coffee beans) will have to be filled after inserting the metal filter and the espresso maker should be screwed before placing it on the stove burner.

3) Sugar should be added to the glass cup and in order to maintain the typical sweet flavor of Cuban coffee, add one tablespoon of sugar for every cup of coffee.

4) When the brewing process gets started add sufficient amount of coffee into the cup to form a thick paste of coffee and sugar.

5) Coffee should be placed again on the fire source to restart the brewing process.

6) After the brewing process, pour the coffee into the glass cup and start stirring the thick paste and coffee in a gentle manner.

7) Keep on stirring to form a chocolate-brown layer.

8) Pour the coffee into the demitasse cup and it should be served hot.

How To Make Cuban Coffee:- Conclusion

A huge number of people drink Cuban coffee during night and day, due in no small part to it’s deep, captivating flavor. Discovering how to make Cuban coffee would probably therefore, be one of your better decisions!

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